G1R Warcraft: IC2, project red, guns, ICBM, gregtech & much more!

  • Cool i messaged you this, I have a modded server that was 1.2.5 that i hosted for a while....i can upload it and post a link here if you want me to.....all you need to do is add the mods to the mods folder

  • If we are going to use a new map can you at least mcedit the spawn dean and I made? Go ahead and check it out I don't think you will be disappointed :D

  • I really like spawn its really nice great work on it,
    Im also having no luck with updating the server :/ I tried for a couple of hours yesterday but i couldn't manage so if someone would like to help id like it, unless your w8ing for 3.1,

  • Tell me when we have war back. I will be on my lazy ass on blue team probably eating chocolate sundaes and dark coffee.

    Give my materials, I'll build you some goodies, give me a gun, I'll hunt red down, give me lag and I'll shit in mah pants.

  • k I have no idea what happened but in the shop at -225 300 with those lamps (i guess that's what they were) I hit the switch to turn them on and the switch and all the redwire it attached poped off. someone play with the ids for lamps and buildcraft pipes? B/c the shop sells red and blue lamps but the ids they're associated with are buildcraft pipes. Should fix those ids maybe.

    Don't wirry I placed all the redwire and the lever on the ground in shop. No I did not grief. And we dont have the solar arrays mod.

  • I'm having problems staying on the server, I keep crashing every 2 minutes, sometimes even less, was this many mods really necessary?

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Dont panic mods were missing and all lamps turned into pipes so thats why your getting loads of crashes, ndel is working on putting all mods together will be ready soon :3

  • Eyyy, yooo, ndel here. I bought a server for the purpose of restarting the traditional industrial war experience the other day, and it's all set for people to start playing. The ip is:

    erryone is free to join, old and new. No whitelist, and some setup is still being handled, but tis functioning. You just need this modpack: Link removed. Distributing the MC Client as whole is illegal according to Mojang's piracy statements and you should be set. Cya soon.

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