[BUG v1.15] Client Crash upon placing/removing a block in vicinity of machine SMP

  • There seems to be an issue where the game client will crash whenever someone places or removes a block that is near a machine (seems to be any machine).

    When the crash occurs, any nearby players will crash to a screen showing the old minecraft dirt background (which shortly goes black). The server however doesnt crash, and players that are far enough away wont be affected either.

    :pinch: No error code, or crash details are given. What happens is described above. I tried to figure out how to generate a crash detail but couldnt figure it out and dont have the time to play with it, gotta go to work!

    I decided to experiment with this as many people on the server i play on have had issues with it. Findings are below, hopefully they help since i dont have a crash detail.

    My Notes on the bug:
    --At first i thought it only occured with blocks being broken or placed directly above or below a machine (anywhere in the line above or below, doesnt have to be touching) . This theory was trashed when i was constructing a wall on the opposite side of my house of the machines and a crash occured when I broke a block.
    --To see if it was machine vicinity causing it and just not a random bug, i started building a house a couple chunks away from my first house, no crash occured.
    --Bug never occurs when placing or removing IC related blocks (other machines, wires etc)
    --Bug seems to occur more often with blocks that were naturally generated instead of placed (but it also happens with placed blocks as well)
    --Bug doesnt seem to occur when placing things like signs, chests, furnaces, crafting benches, torches, doors etc.

    --I havent tested whether or not wires could be causing it also. I guess i need to go a distance away and place a bunch of wires and test it by building a house to see if it crashes.

  • Possibly something with individual chunks.

    Interesting that tile entities are not causing it.

    A stack trace would be helpful.

  • I can confirm this bug, it happens regularly on my server.For me, it happens _every_ time I place a torch near a chest though, or when I place/remove blocks that obscure lighting from torches to chests.

    Stack trace:

  • i agree with pvtskittles cuz hes a sexy bro! <3 :3

    but yes this error is quite annoying

    the server throws out this error
    2011-10-05 20:11:25 [INFO] holyman20 lost connection: disconnect.genericReasonjava.net.SocketException: Connection reset at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(Unknown Source) at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(Unknown Source) at java.io.FilterInputStream.read(Unknown Source) at in.a(SourceFile:135) at ma.h(SourceFile:190) at ma.c(SourceFile:10) at ta.run(SourceFile:77)

  • I'm having the same trouble with my server. I'm not sure where to put the hotfix file. I've put it in my client and in multiple locations in the server (deleting it after testing it each time). This bug is driving me nuts. Would someone be able to help me out with this one please?