Peaceful-friendly tech mods? (for 1.7.10 and beyond)

  • I was thinking about trying TE4 sometime soon, until I discovered in the documentation that some of the late-game materials rely on drops from hostile mobs added by the mod (or possibly by one of the related mods, like Thermal Foundation; close enough).

    IC2 seems better in this regard, since afaik the only two hostile mob drops required for its recipes are gunpowder (for extracting sulfur from for making advanced RE batteries, if I don't have another mod such as Railcraft to get sulfur from) and bonemeal for making fertilizer (though fertilizer can also be obtained as a fermenter byproduct). Technically, both bones and gunpowder can also be obtained from worldgen treasure chests, and as far as I can tell, neither advanced RE batteries nor fertilizer are strictly required for progression in the mod.

    Now I'm wondering which other tech mods work well with Peaceful difficulty, and which rely on hostile mob drops for progression. I know there's the Peaceful Table from Extra Utilities (at least in 1.7.10) as somewhat of a workaround, but I've been unsuccessful at determining whether it's limited to vanilla hostile mob drops.

    Also, before somebody suggests asking this at the Minecraft Forum site, I'm currently unable to post there (where the reply area would normally be, it just says "Loading editor...") I have contacted support about it, but they weren't much help, and I can't even tell if they got my email reply to their message asking for more details.

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    Shameless Self Plug: I don't see any Hostile Mob Drops to be required at all to play GT6. Gunpowder can be made with Saltpeter, Coal and Sulfur, which are all Ores. Bonemeal can be gotten from certain Meat Types if you really need it, or just rob a Grave (Desert Pyramid). Rotten Flesh uhhm oh well I didnt add a Fermenter Recipe for that yet, but I will do that right now! Spider Eyes and Slime Balls aren't required at all, and Wool can be made into String too.

    Enderpearls might be a slight Issue now that I think about it, but they arent that needed for anything larger, so Loot might be enough. Blaze Rods might be a large Issue, because I am sure you need them for at least one Machine (Distillery).

  • Do the crops such as Blazereed and Enderbloom still exist in GT6? Those could address getting ender pearls and blaze rods.

    I'm hesitant about getting into GT6, because 1. it seems a lot more complicated than most other tech mods (I admit I was into GT5u for a while, but even that has been changing too much too fast for my liking, and GT6 would be a whole new learning curve), 2. I'm not sure I like the "no gui" philosophy you seem to have for it, and 3. there are no Sphaxified textures yet for the new machines and items.

    One thing I did like about GT6 from when I tried it very early in its development was how the molds had to be of a material with high enough melting point to withstand the molten metal poured into them (unlike Tinkers' Construct, where the molds are all made of either gold or aluminum brass, which should not be able to endure having molten iron etc. poured into them)

  • I was hoping others would chime in with other ideas, but oh well.

    New semi-related question: besides the mods officially required by TE4 (cofhcore and thermal foundation as I understand it), what mods do other players almost always use alongside it?

    Edit: I've searched the Extra Utilities thread, and apparently the Peaceful Table is supposed to be able to handle drops from non-vanilla hostile mobs, unless they use custom spawning code (there were people asking about Wisps from Thaumcraft a few years back), so I can probably use that to get Blizz rods.