• What about some Shields? Now with shield slots I feel like there is nothing that can be used in shield slot, so I came up with the following:

    Force Field Shields:

    Nano Shield:

    It would work when you hold down the RMB and protect you from 200° practically leaving your back unguarded, and only effective to physical projectiles, and could act (toggle-able) as a Charging energy Crystal as It would take one to be crafted.

    Quantum Shield:

    Same thing, but it would protect 360° and with a mode to auto activate itself, like a danger sensor (would be consuming energy to keep this sensor active) (a good item for the recipe would be iridium neutron reflectors), and could act as a Charging Lapotron crystal, since it would take one to be crafted, or an alternative recipe where you use your nano shield in to cut down the cost.

  • in 1.10.2 it has shields. Yes

    Also electric armor enchantments,

    Resistance to electric damage when you weared electrical armor (the armor did recharge from it)

    and also a lot of new jetpacks + new flight options with the jetpack.

    Also a laguneffected hovermode switch for emergency or common use.

    And a lot more. Like a Recursive crafter (Instant AE machine for normal crafting)

    but all these things are 1.10.2 only xD


    Have fun reading this

  • and it will be released for 1.12 ?

  • and it will be released for 1.12 ?

    No, it was the final port of IC2 classic.

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