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    (Making this a proper thread rather then a post in the shout box)

    Hello to everyone. Sorry for not being on as much lately, let's just say things have been keeping me occupied.

    One thing I've been looking into recently is potentially reviving the "Shrine Runner" concept... again... The original idea for it was a Feed the Beast styled map, featuring new challenges based on more recent Minecraft versions, along with challenge variety other then "make the things to get the thing". However, with what has been keeping me occupied lately, I have gotten a bit out of touch with the modding scene, and as such I'm looking for mod ideas.

    What I have so far:

    1. A planned idea is for the map to have a world building system, akin to games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Some of the challenges will be locked away behind this.

    2. Forestry breeding is looking to be a challenge, including bee and tree breeding

    3. Other dimensions will play a role in the map, not just a void world and a void nether world like the original maps

    4. Equivalent Exchange/ Project E will be a thing in the map. However, a lot of the EMC generation systems will be locked away behind high tier crafting. The Tablet will be avaliable early game though to work along side Ex Nihilo, as a way of helping avoid the RNG of drops.

    5. Will this be evil? Yes. But "Loot Boxes" (in the form of Chance Cubes) will be a potential reward

    In terms of the challenges, along side the world building, one thing under consideration is multiple tiers of challenges. One set in the main monument, and another set via a quest book with one effecting the other in progression.

    General thoughts on the pitch, do you think it could be interesting to play?