IC2 Ordered high-distributor fluid reactor vs Mutant corner fluid reactor

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    I am comparing costs of 2 ways to build a fluid Reactor, up to the liquid heat exchangers. While I will show Stirling engines, there should be room when properly built to add boilers and turbines or any other heat-needing device.

    Here's the "Mutant Corner" fluid reactor. The top shows the placement of Fluid ports; the bottom shows heat exchangers and distributors. Every 6 Heat Exchangers need 3 distributors and 4 ports.

    (I call it the "Mutant Corner" reactor because the corners of the reactor kind of "grow outward".)

    Here's the ordered high-distributor reactor. The first pic shows the side, needing 3 distributors for 12 (or more) heat exchangers. The center is the distribution, while the top and bottom exchangers are returns. The second picture shows you can stack these linearly, 3 distributors to 2 heat exchangers.

    To do 12 exchangers, (close to) the normal amount for a high-functioning liquid reactor, these are the key differences in materials. I'm ignoring the heat exchangers or other items as being equal in either case.

    Mutant Corner reactor:

    8 fluid ports = 80 lead - 10 lead for not-needed normal blocks = 70 lead

    6 distributors ~ 190 Tin, 68 Iron, 8 copper, 12 glass (This is for 7, but it'll be proportional, I'll do the same next)

    Ordered High-distributor reactor:

    3 fluid ports = 30 lead
    (not enough blocks replaced to reduce lead need directly)

    18 distributors ~ 570 tin, 204 iron, 24 copper, 36 glass

    The driver is definitely TIN. I haven't looked for reduced rates when using 1 return, then replacing 2 feeds with Weighted distributors.

    I don't know the spawn rates for various items. I've been mining a 100x100 block with a miner from height 49 or so; this should give SOME idea of how hard it is to get lead vs tin.

    I was nearly out of both lead and tin when I finished my reactor, perhaps 4 lead and 100 Tin total.

    I currently have 57 lead and 205 tin, or about 81% of lead needed and 36% of tin needed to do this again. It is favorable to do this again with Lead.

    If you factor in a second reactor housing, it is likely better to do this with Tin to help save the total 230 Lead to make a second fluid reactor. (60 for the reactor, 170 for the fluid vessel)

    If comparing in terms of UU-matter, Tin ore is about 8x cheaper than Lead ore. While I may need 365 tin vs 170 Lead, I should be able to make it with 1/4 the UU-matter (if that was what I wanted to do).

  • Hello, I do have some questions about fluid reactor core design. My goal is to have a Rankine Cycle with superheated steam.

    Set up so far: I have a closed loop for hot/cold coolant that transfers heat to two liquid heat exchangers (both 100 Hu/t) to support the steam generator at 220 Bar pressure and get superheated steam. Then this is hook to a "High pressure" steam turbine then straight in to a "intermediate pressure" steam turbine and followed by a condenser. This is creates a small loop for distilled water between these components and the steam generator. I can supply pictures soon if needed.

    The main issue: I cannot seem to create a core design that only outputs 400 Hu/t. I need multiples of 200 due to what the cooling cycle can support.

    If you can help me with a core design to do so, that would be amazing!

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    This is a 991 reactor.


    This is a 1280 Reactor.


    Once you get iridium (from a dungeon), this is a 1340 reactor, the highest-heat and about most efficient stable, non-external reactor you can make.

  • Thank you so much, this helps alot! One more question is; will I need 991 heat extraction to run it without overheating? I have to 4 liquid heat exchangers that take and use 400 hu total. Would I just double this to take 800?