1370 reactor

  • Hard to give exact amount, because I'm using the mobile planner at the moment.


  • 1376 heat.

    Finally got this into the Exp planner v2, it dies after 18,285 seconds. That's 5 hours. Is that adequate to be considered a "safe" or "full run" reactor, or is this inadequate?

    I'm looking for "the hottest reactor that can be made" , and this is the hottest I know of.

    EDIT: The hottest SAFE reactor not needing external cooling or condensators.

  • According to the same page, 10% of a cycle is 16 min 40 sec. That would mean a full cycle from full rods to depleted is 10,000 seconds. This reactor "dies" at over 18,000 seconds, so I think it would be a Mk II.

    If someone can squeeze just a HAIR more cooling into it, I think it would be a Mk I / completely safe.

  • The cycle time part is a little out of date - that now varies depending on what rod types you have in the reactor - MOX rods last 10,000 seconds, Uranium rods last 20,000 seconds, and iirc Thorium rods (GregTech) last 50,000 seconds.


    A Mark II must complete at least one full cycle before encountering heat problems.

    Based on that, I have to disagree with your assessment of it being a Mk II.

  • Ok, agreed. If Uranium is 20,000 seconds, it is a Mk II. I wish I could find some additional cooling, It has to be really close if it's running for 18,000 seconds.

  • Wait... This is a Mark III MOX reactor! Pretty cool (warm?) for that.

    Also, I found you don't need QUITE so many advanced exchangers. I swapped out the two corner ones for standard.