Skeletons continuously spawning with quantum armor?

  • This is really tilting me, me and my friend are playing on a modded server I hosted myself with 2 mods, which are buildcraft and industrialcraft, now skeletons are commonly spawning with quantum armor which looks charged, can't do much against them as we get instantly shredded, how do we fix this? ?(

  • I bet that is the old Halloween Feature from IC2, my best bet would be to just change the date on your computer.

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  • On average only 10% of zombies and skeletons will get special armour, with only 10% of those being quantum. If you're seeing them all over either you're especially unlucky or something very strange is happening. Neither the nano nor quantum armour is charged either (from memory it doesn't properly protect non-player mobs even when it is) so all you're battling against is the inherent protection of diamondish protection. Whilst that certainly makes them tougher, they should be killable without hundreds of hits.

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