Glass fibre cables max 2048EU/tick

  • Hi, I noticed that my 6K+ EU/tick producing nuclear reactors are a bit useless, because they only output 2048 EU/tick through my glass fibre cables. Is there a workaround to that?

    Additionally, what's the point of a Quantum Solar Panel producing 4096, when it says in the GUI that it also can output 2048 max?

    I'm on 10.0.2, version 2.6.252-ex110

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    It is not the limitation of the cable but rather the tier of power a reactor can output. In 1.10.2 reactors are tier 4 (ie EV) so they can output up to EV sized packets each tick. It's been bumped up since in 1.12.2 but that was never backported. Fluid reactors have no output limit by the way, so you can always use those for very high power designs.

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