Enchantment for Nano Armor, and tools

  • 1.

    Nightvision Goggles can receive enchantment, but make Nano Helmet with enchanted Goggles is finished without any enchant.

    Nano Helmet (also other "Nano") cannot be enchanted with anvil.

    In other series of mods: if armor piece have enchant, result of upgrade have same enchantments .


    Tools, also cannot be enchanted. "Soft touch" for Drills is very demanded.

    With Actually Addition, I can create Augment "rune" and insert into Drill. For speed, luck, soft touch, as example.

    May use this method - create a small parts, enchant it and insert into Armor and Tools ?

  • Electric armour and tools aren't designed to be enchanted at all, any that you can is not intensional and your mileage will vary to how much of an effect it will have. I known thorns for example used to completely destroy electric armour when it applied the effect (and probably still does). Not carrying enchantments over when using them in crafting recipes is part of this too.

    If you want enchantments with your drill the Iridium Drill offers both silk touch and fortune III (but not at the same time of course) as well as being faster than the diamond drill (effectively a free efficiency upgrade too). If you can apply the same effects to a diamond drill then that's fine, but equally it's not designed for you to be able to do that hence you can't using the normal vanilla mechanics.

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