Creating an IC2 Profile XML

  • So on Curse, the IC2 changelog for the newer versions says that a custom profile can be created by the use of an XML file. What is the format for the file? What functionalities does a profile offer over "vanilla" IC2 (can it allow a nuclear jetpack in IC2 experimental)? Also, where do I place the profile XML? Is it in ic2/config/profiles?

    Sorry for all the questions, I couldn't really find much documentation on this...

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  • I looked into the code and its fairly simple:
    No You can not add a custom Profile, it is actually hardcoded into the mod.
    Even if you change the Classic XML File you can only change recipes with it that is the limitation from that point.

    No nuclear Jetpack. I doubt that they ever going to implement that since its not their way to implement things that way anymore.

  • so this is wrong/ not implemented yet?


    Update headlines with custom profile support to allow the content of IC2 to be heavily tweaked

    • Ships with two profiles by default, Experimental (default) and Classic (old item/textures/recipes)
    • Additional profiles can be added as zips or folders in the ic2_profiles directory containing a profile.xml

    My favorite...

    Armor: :Quantum-Helmet::Quantum-Bodyarmor::Quantum-Leggings::Quantum-Boots:

    Item: :Uranium::Uranium Ore::Reactor:

  • Once again Speiger has looked but failed to observe. A little like me and the forum ;)

    First, you can make your own profiles! Just because IC2 happens to come with only two doesn't mean it's only limited to two. Any profile.xml files in a folder or a zip within an ic2_profiles folder in the root of your minecraft instance (ie the same place where mods, config, logs, etc. is in) will be loaded by IC2. Every file mentioned by the profile is positioned relatively to the profile.xml, so you can pick between organising everything nicely in directories and dumping it all into the root.

    Second, a full profile XML is (currently) defined as

    All tags except name, style and extension can be repeated as many times as desired, and only name is technically required to define a valid profile (style and textures both default to NEW).

    Additional profiles can be selected within the main IC2 config by their name as it describes (which you'll remember is case insensitive). Duplicate profile names will log a warning and continue to use the first profile registered with the name. If the profile in the config can't be found it will log a warning with all the profiles it has managed to load and will continue using the default (Experimental).

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