Seed scanning machine

  • GregTech 5 Unofficial has a scanner that can batch-scan IC2 seed bags, but that's only for 1.7.10, and the mod makes a lot of other changes. I also came across [IC2 1.109] SeedManager v3.0.2 - Taking the hassle out of agriculture. but that hasn't been updated in 6 years. I'd like to be able to do this in MC 1.12.2, whether it becomes part of IC2 itself or an addon. Having to feed each seed bag through the Cropnalyzer 4 times gets annoying quickly.

  • Are you asking for the ability to fully analyze planted crops, like the GT portable scanner? I think that was discussed in an earlier suggestion thread. If you're talking about how the existing cropnalyzer shows the crop name and discoverer, but the harvested seed bags still show as "unknown seeds" (as if they haven't been scanned at all), I might file that as a bug.

  • I don't know about GT portable scanner and i'm not talking about unknow seeds but already known ones, when you scan them while it's growing, it shows the names and discoverer but not known stats of the seed.

    I often forgot what were stats of my seeds so this little improvement would help me.

  • With my current crop breeding strategy, it isn't a big deal whether I can remember the stats of scanned seeds I have planted and are growing, but why require using the cropnalyzer again for that? If the seeds have already been analyzed, it seems to me that Hwyla or TOP should also be allowed to show GGR details of the growing crop.

    After reading the "tongue-in-cheek narrative description of SeedManager", the Seed Library from that mod would be very helpful for my strategy (I'm currently using a YABBA AntiBarrel for temporary seed bag storage), as well as a backpack-type item with extra capacity but limited to holding seeds - since they have a stacksize limit of 1 (and frequently different NBT data, which would prevent them from stacking anyway), generic backpacks from other mods quickly fill up - a diamond backpack with storage emphasis from the Iron Backpacks mod is 77 slots (although I'm using default config, which indicates it is supposed to be 54 slots ?( ), a fully size-upgraded BetterBackpack from the BetterChests mod is 90 slots, and the Wearable Backpacks mod apparently allows configuration up to 102 slots (17x6)

    Edit: sometime after this post, I realized that a Portable Grid from Refined Storage (even with just a 1k storage disk) works well for transporting seeds.