Energy Crystals

  • First of all apologies if this isn't where im suppose to ask about this topic, Anyways I have no clue on how to charge Energy Crystals (Don't flame me i'm new to IC2)

    I've read a bunch on the wiki etc but it's extremely overwhelming so if someone could do a quick runthrough on how to charge them I would be very thankfull.

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    Short version: there is a charge input on all sizes of battery box / mfe / mfsu, in the GUI.

    Depending on whether it's the red or the blue crystals, see if you can place it into a box in a charged mfe or mfsu battery block GUI.

  • Charging crystals: Right click MFE (red crystals), MFSU (blue crystals), pop them in and out of the top slot ONE AT A TIME. You could charge 4 at a time with Advanced Solar Panels...