[IC2 Exp][1.12.2] Reactor Turbines

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    Reactor turbines provide an alternative method of utilizing ic2 nuclear reactors.

    The turbines are crafted using the ic2 items: "component heat vent" and "reactor plating".


    Turbine impeller:


    Reactor Turbine:



    -Place an ic2 nuclear reactor in the center of a 3x3 raised platform.

    -Create a 3x3 of water source blocks on top of the platform.


    -Place a reactor turbine above the center water block.

    -Place another turbine on each side of the one in the center.


    -As of version 1.1.0, as soon as the 5th reactor turbine is placed, the system will

    automatically be enclosed in glass blocks as seen in the gif below.

    -The glass that is automatically generated can be replaced with any block you'd like.

    -As long as no blocks are missing, the turbines will operate.


    -For optimal power generation:

    Place dual uranium fuel rods into the reactor in the pattern shown below.


    Attach ic2 cables capable of conducting 512 eu/t to each turbine.


    Basic Mechanics:

    Each reactor turbine generates 512 eu/t, has a maximum output of 512 eu/t and a 1024 eu buffer.

    The maximum output provided by a single reactor using this method is ~2560 eu/t. Reactor turbines use the heat created by the reactor to generate power.

    Each turbine will require a dual uranium fuel rod in the reactor. These fuel rods should be separated so they do not generate excess heat.

    As long as water is present between the turbines and the reactor, the fuel rods are placed correctly and the reactor has been heated to 25% max heat, the turbines will generate 512 eu/t each and provide all the cooling necessary for stable operation.


    As of version 1.1.3, the relationship between heat, cooling and power generation for reactor turbines has been adjusted.

    To easily configure fuel rods for maximum output, they can be placed as seen in the image below:


    Detailed explanation:

    The optimal temperature for turbine power generation is 25% of the reactors maximum heat.

    The equation for the power generation of a single turbine is 512*(heat/maxHeat*0.25).

    Turbines also cool the reactor:

    • At (maxHeat*0.25)*0.2 and below, the turbines remove 24 hU per second from the reactor.
    • Between (maxHeat*0.25)*0.2 and (maxHeat*0.25)*0.4, the turbines remove 48 hU per second from the reactor.
    • Between (maxHeat*0.25)*0.4 and (maxHeat*0.25)*0.6, the turbines remove 72 hU per second from the reactor.
    • Between (maxHeat*0.25)*0.6 and (maxHeat*0.25)*0.8, the turbines remove 96 hU per second from the reactor.
    • Between (maxHeat*0.25)*0.8 and (maxHeat*0.25)*1.0, the turbines remove 120 hU per second from the reactor.
    • At (maxHeat*0.25)*1.0 and above, the turbines remove 144 hU per second from the reactor.

    This means that the power generated by the turbines scales with the amount of heat generated but it becomes harder to produce that heat with each increase.

    The chart below (from the ic2 wiki) and the information above can be used to roughly calculate the power generation of the turbines depending on the fuel rods you've added to the reactor.

    HU (Heat) / second

    reflections 0 4 24 96
    reflections 1 12 48 160
    reflections 2 24 80 240
    reflections 3 40 120 336
    reflections 4 60 168 448

    Example: One dual uranium fuel rod creates 24 hu/s. The same amount removed by the turbines below 20% optimal heat. So, the turbines are capable of maintaining 512*0.2 or ~100 eu/t per turbine with a single dual uranium fuel rod with no reflections. Two dual uranium fuel rods can maintain up to 512*0.4 eu/t or ~200 eu/t per turbine.


    The water between the reactor and the turbines will evaporate at a variable rate depending on the heat of the reactor. This includes any water within a 3x3 space 1 block above the reactor. This water will need to be replaced, so you will have to devise a system to do so. BuildCraft pipes and flood gates work great. You can also use dispensers and water buckets.

    Warning #2!

    Whenever 5 reactor turbines are in place above a reactor in the correct positions, the turbines will take control of the reactor and the reactor can no longer be used via standard methods. Any cables, transformers or energy storage blocks attached to the reactor will disappear immediately when placed. To use the reactor normally, simply remove the turbines. Once turbines are in place, energy is generated strictly via the heat of the reactor evaporating water for the turbines, similar to the ic2 pressure vessel reactors.

    Full changelog for this addon can be found here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/ic2-reactor-turbines/

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