Mob drop crops

  • There was at one point a small addon that just added some crops that provided items that would normally be dropped by mobs (both passive and hostile), until those crops were migrated into GregTech. However, both GT5u and GT6 are pretty much only available for MC 1.7.10, and GTCE has detached from IC2, so I'm fairly sure it doesn't include those crops. It would be nice to have them available for newer versions of Minecraft, whether as part of IC2 or as an addon.

  • Since you say "for now", that implies you plan to eventually add the others. There are some I'm curious about, though:

    1. Oilberries - afaik, there is no simple "oil" in IC2, so how will this crop work? or did you grab the textures for this by mistake and they won't really be implemented?

    2. Argentia, Coppon, Plumbilia, Tine - these are redundant now, so I'm somewhat confused that you added the textures for them.

    3. GT 5.09 crops - many of them involve materials that don't exist in IC2 (e.g. zinc, nickel, thorium), but what about the few that do involve materials provided by IC2 or vanilla Minecraft (e.g. glowstone, nether quartz, uranium, nether star, iridium)? is there any chance you'd be willing to add some of those?

    BTW, apparently withereed was a bad example for a "resource crop" (I play in peaceful, so I had forgotten about wither skeletons sometimes dropping coal, but I guess that's where the crop gets its name from)

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    Oilberries will be registered when buildcraft is detected (the buildcraft compat module revival actually helps this part). I intend to eventually implement the rest of the crops that matter to IC2 (that is why i just added all the textures) but I am currently busy with other stuff.

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    Build #219 adds the diamond, emerald and oil crops. Since the Oil Berries is tier 9 it allows you to get the Ender Blossom because it was indeed impossible to get it (at least combining 2 crops, did not test 3 way or 4 way).

  • I bred some oil berries, but the cropnalyzer shows they only go up to size 3, though in GT5 they went up to size 4, and there are textures for 4 growth stages in the latest ic2 build (#220).