Suggestion: Jetpack HUD

  • You are flying above a large lava lake in nether... and suddenly fuel runs out. :pinch: Just forgotten to check a fuel/charge level before a takeoff. What if we can see a power meter wearing a jetpack or nano-suit? Something like a small battery icon or a gauge in a corner of screen.

    If it is too hard to code HUD, maybe just print a warning messages like "Fuel low" and "Fuel critical" every 3 seconds while flying and jetpack's charge is lower than 25% and 10% respectively. I think, it'll we very helpful. ...and something like this for suit's charge levels.

  • The only way i could implement this, to my current knowledge, would be displaying a chat message ^^

    is it possible to announce that solely to the using player?

    If so that'd be awesome.

    Still remember the convo ending with "No, stop bugging me, cables transmitting energy are totally not possible! Use the batterys."