Mark 2 - 1 SUC EB (6 chamber 60 EU/T, 4 Uranium cells)

  • Okay this is my first post here, also this is my first reactor design, it uses 4 uranium cells, 24 coolant cells, and 18 intergrated cooling plates. Im not sure if its a Mark 1 or Mark 2, it uses up all the fuel and all the components are intact but are at 9100~ heat level and there 8 free slots for either waterbuckets or ice stacks for cooling, Generates 60EU/T at 3 Effiency

    Link to the reactor Design:…CHCHHCHCXCCXCHCHHCHCXCCXC

    Please give your opinions on it and feel free to post modifications to it.

  • okay i've run some theoretical tests and if the water around the reactor does evaporate, the reactor is screwed, i've tried the best case (practical) scenario where i have 8 stacks of 64 ice blocks as additional coolant and the water evaporating at the 4000 heat point, and it went up to 9800~ ticks before failing and i ended up with about 18500 heat in the hull (which would cause a meltdown and explosion) so i'm 5000 heat off in the best case scenario, however this is all pratical, i'm going to go try this out and i'll bring in my results.

  • Dezumans design is best IMO because its nearly half the heat, and it still provides a spot for manual cooling.

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  • Damn that is a hell lot of a difference, i'm just new to this stuff so i need to experiment more with designs, and dezuman, your a genius with this stuff :thumbup: , thanks and with that one slot if i install buildcraft i should be able to just supply ice in there and improve the lifespan of the coolant. :D

  • They work but you need to connect to the core reactor block directly
    meaning that you can have a maximum 5 chambers in a buildcraft reactor

  • Yep had the reactor running in the background as i was posting and just was looking at it going (why are you getting so hot) Good thing i looked to see if anyone posted about it.

    Ok. I have a Mk2 layout. Done a run gets to 6619 heat so needs time to cool but not to bad. 80 EU/t…HCCHHCCCUCCUCHUCCUHCCHHCC

    its still not as good as dezuman's, his one gets 5k heat and it only need 4 uranium cells to produce 60 EU/T versus your 8 uranium cells to produce 80, i don't like using up twice as many cells to produce a third more power

  • Considering how new you are to the reactor design 'field...' I'd say it's decent for what you want. You'll improve over time, trust me. My first reactors were... really bad.