Minecraft 1.9

  • I am a bit new to the game and this mod specifically, I wasn't around for the transition between the last version and the current, but how long does it usually take to update this mod once a new version of the game is out ?

  • Even then I stand by the fact that Al should just wait for the official Minecraft 1.0 before updating again, would be easier on him most likely than worrying about doing a 1.9 patch just a few weeks before 1.0 is guaranteed to be out.

    Still remember the convo ending with "No, stop bugging me, cables transmitting energy are totally not possible! Use the batterys."

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    Before anyone thinks about updating, we always wait for:
    -Version becoming stable, as in debugged and out for a few days
    -All prequesites being updated
    -BC and ER pulling to the new version as well

    Since currently none of that points is met, i will just lock this thread again to prevent unnecessary discussion ^^