Water to contain blast from Reactor?

  • I was thinking it may be good to submurge my entire reactor and its containment under water.

    Has anyone done testing on how water does in dampening the blast of a reactor that goes critical?

    Plus it would allow me to build a causeway under water surounded by reinforced glass to get to it, which would be way cool ; ]

  • somebody has done research on this, and from what I remember it actually is pretty significant as far as shielding the explosion but you need a lot of it.. im having a really hard time finding the pictures but i'll edit this if I can find them


    I give up. But I believe water is 5 times weaker than stone in containing an explosion, so it would have to be pretty far out unless you wanted to put in one layer of reinforced stone anyways.

    But honestly, there's no reason for reactor containment unless your either making some weird buildcraft suc reactor, or your planning on having a meltdown.

    there's no shortage of mark 1 and 2 designs on here. I dont contain mine at all anymore and I wont unless I decide to break down and try a buildcraft build one day.

  • I saw that on a thread mentioning Obsidian being nerfed (it is now explosion resistance 60 instead of 6000; Re-enf glass is now something like 70 and re-enf stone is ~100; Any water at all (flowing is best since it will regen) is 500. To stop a worst case nuke explosion several layers of water are needed. The 'spectacular' explosion picture (stuff a reactor full of uranium) seemed to take out between 3 and 5 blocks of water. A normal reactor can probably suffice with 2-4 blocks of water (most of which you'd want for coolant anyway)).