[Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

  • Very nice mod! I love it! You should add a machine whick gives automatically the coordinates to the rockets.
    Something like : Rightclick the rangefinder, rightclick the machine to transer the coordinates, the machine will automatically give the coordinates to the rockets in the range of 1 block :D

    This would be nice

  • I installed this mod on my server(in the mods folder) and it says that the mod is loaded, but i cannot craft or cheat anything with NEI. It just say "no such item" with NEi. If it is an ID conflict, where is the config file of the Rocketscience.jar located?

    PS: It runs fine on singleplayer.

  • i have this on multiplayer but i get still falldamage with a parachute bag on, i fall slower and the parachute apears(not always it's a little bit buggy, somethimes the parachute stays at one place also when the player alreade landed, it's like the white tnt) please fix it, otherwise the parachutebag is quite useless in multiplayer

  • What did I do wrong? I get

    Did I do it wrong?</init>

    Edit: OH YOU STUPID FACES!!!!</init> :cursing: MinecraftGhast s will come for you!

  • If you use a couple rockets on one spot it will destroy Bedrock O.O

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  • hi i installed this mod but every time i start up the game i cant find or craft any of the block and in my modloader.txt all it says is

    sorry if this has all ready been said and solved but i went through all the pages and i don't think i saw anything like this

  • A way to enter world's co-ords would be awesome so we can have better accuracy and more user friendliness.

    That is/was planned, it's either the satellite system, or the step after that. AKA, he is making it soonish:D

  • If anyone has a problem where the Items from this addon cannot be crafted or seen in NEI add a z to rocketscience.jar, that fixes it

  • I just REALLY hope that this will get updated once the MC 1.23 version of IC2 will come out. With the new altitude, rockets and parachutes will be imperative in my space station project

    thanks to IC2 and computercraft, I will have fully functioning space station complete with machinery, programmable computers running UNIX, solar panels, wiring.(oh and perhaps a space elevator from the Zeppelin mod :D )

  • So i found the reason this mod wasnt working for me, it conflicts with forestry but in a way that leaves no errors rpcket science stuff just wont show up in NEI or will be craft able if forestry is installed, i removed forestry and it worked staright away annoying really as forestry is really usefull

    does anyone have any idea son how to fix this and i have already tried renaming forestry and rocket science with a z