[Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

  • Ok thanks, anyway, awesome mod!
    I love the targeting system! In the next upgrade you should make it shot recieving a redstone signal.
    Anyway, how do i "tansform" an oflline laser to an online one?

  • i thought it was id conflict but idk whats going on reply fast.

  • I installed the addon following the instructions but I can't craft anything from this mod. I changed the ID's to some of the unused ones so it's not an ID conflict as the FAQ may suggest. I don't get an error while loading or anything. Also neither NEI or CraftingTableII seem to recognize the recipes. If I play in creative mode I can get most items and blocks but they are all called "Unnamed" and they don't seem to work.

    I tried uninstalling Forestry, NEI and some other mods but that didn't work. I also redownloaded the mod and that was useless as well.

    So... help plz ;(

  • there is quite a bug, you can't stop a thermonuclear missile with laser defence, the missile still goes through but it has a different color. and if a missile explode my sounds disappear. XD

  • So I have to ask since this was one of the things my friends and I were looking forward to, but what is going on with your moon extension of this? The way you were going to implement it was brilliant and exactly the sort of adventure that meshes well with IC.

    Of course I understand if you scrapped it, I just cannot remember if you did or not.

    Keep up the good work! I have not grabbed the new version yet because of finals, but as soon as those are over you better believe I am going to get it.

  • Missiles launched via the targeting block will always use the block's coordinates, which default to zero. This is intentional. Suppose that your arch-nemesis Bob has a number of missile silos spread across the continent, and a single primary base linked to all of them via cheap tin cables. If your defense system automatically targeted the origin of the incoming missiles, you'd blow up his now-empty silos and leave his base unscathed - whereas under the current system you can have your missiles aimed at his base, just waiting for him to pull the trigger...

    I see your point, however I personally would prefer to wipe his 'now empty' silos out of existence so he has to rebuild them, rather than accidentally do one of the following:
    1. Blow up my own base with my own missiles if I forget to set co-ordinates, or
    2. Accidentally start a war with the wrong person because my missiles were aimed at Adam when Bob attacked
    Besides, something to get the origin of missiles would be handy, particularly if I didn't know who launched the missile(s), or where their main base was.
    This may be a bit OP, but if you did add a Trajectory Tracker (or w/e you choose to call it), maybe add an even higher tech block capable of finding where the launch order originated (ie the co-ords of the missile targeter)? Also, you can never really know who launched the missiles (unless they tell you, but who would do that?), so you can never be sure who's base you should nuke.

    I haven't seen your GUI issues during testing - screenshots would be appreciated.

    The guy who posted his screenie with NEI looked pretty similar, however I am using TMI. Same incompatibility? The GUI error also remained when I turned TMI off.

    I like the idea of further defense system customization, but this release was kind of rushed. Maybe I'll get the chance to implement it later. I also want the option to configure your defense system to ignore non-nuclear missiles, in case your foes lob a bunch of cheap incendiaries at you to drain your lasers before they send the nukes

    If you ever need ideas, just ask :D . Oh, and just a feature suggestion, maybe make a way to enter rocket co-ordinates via ComputerCraft (if installed)? I once made a fully automatic 3-missile silo (using turtles to place/remove missiles), which would have been perfect except for the fact that I had to manually go to each missile to enter its target co-ordinates (they could be launched individually or all together). The missile targeter can make this work (kinda), but I would need 4 of them - one for each individual missile, and one for them all together, all carefully placed to be easily accessible, yet keeping wires separated. Having the ability to control missiles from computers would be a godsend.

  • I'm a bit stumped by this.

    I've updated the IC2 jar with the Energy class files included, and resolved all ID conflicts. Minecraft loads up fine, but nothing from Rocket Science shows up in NEI, and no recipes function. Digging through the java console shows the following error which has me thoroughly stumped.

    Any assistance would be really appreciated here.

  • I think I've stumbled onto a rather interesting bug thing.

    I was testing out if hitting a missile (stationary) with another missile would cause it to explode.

    Launched a napalm missile at a TNT missile and it only blew up the warhead and left the booster module. The warhead wasnt what dropped on the ground though it was a passenger module. So I slapped it on and shot a TNT missile at the passenger rocket. Soon as it blew up my world went to saving chunks... then flickered an error post then blackscreen.

    Just thought to share in case any people get ideas to hit other peoples silos.

    Edit: Loaded the world back up and the passenger rocket is gone, perhaps a glitch in sympathetic detonation of other missiles that are still inactive when hit by an outside explosive force?

    Edit #2: I did some tests to see what happened if a missile was launched with silo doors closed. It just explodes with no force. Is that intended?

  • When I place the defense system my minecraft crashes.
    As for I know it doesn't show any error only saving chunks.

  • Why does one need to replace the Energy Net Classes, what changes did you make to them?
    I'm asking, since this is not SMP yet(at least i haven't heard that) and i want to continue using IC2 on my Server without running into conflicts.

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    • Official Post

    mark1997: You need to supply the laser with 100,000EU to activate it.

    Marhfg: The stack trace shows that you didn't replace EnergyNet with my modified version. Gotta love it when someone is too lazy to read the install directions yet demands in a run-on sentence that I "reply fast".

    Darth Geek: I can't help you without your ModLoader log.

    metalearza: I need more information (or preferably a screenshot). Does the laser fire? They do have a small miss chance - I should've been more clear about that in the post. Updating now.

    PringleMan: That got scrapped due to compatibility issues with adding dimensions. However, the new Forge version appears to add the proper hooks, so maybe someday Steve will pay a visit to the moon after all...

    Lmcgyver: Eh, you make a good point. It wouldn't hurt to add a "Target incoming missile origin" switch to the targeting system. I've never used the ComputerCraft API, but if there's enough interest, maybe.

    Rashan: That's unusual, I recognize that exception from development. It occurs when IC2 failed to properly initialize before Rocket Science (that line is the first to call upon IC2's item class). May I see your ModLoader logs?

    Tslavo: Curses, onBlockDestroyedByExplosion is acting up. I'll get on that. (What sort of missile exploded with no force? If it's an incendiary, they explode with strength 1, which isn't enough to break cobblestone, and if the ground is too far below, no fire gets spawned.)

    TampaPowers: I just added a method to EnergyNet to make connected blocks visible to other classes, so that defense systems could use standard cables for communication. I might ask Al to change the visibility of certain EnergyNet methods so that future versions don't need my modifications.

  • I have also noticed some Saving Chunks errors when placing down blocks, it happens randomly tho.
    Not to step to close to you, but I would say you should consider rewriting your Mod from scratch using all the things you learned and create a awesome Version 2!
    Really admire your coding, wish i was that far in Java yet.

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  • i have a bugg wiht the missl targeting stytem and the missl defense sytem wen i place the missl targeting sytem or the missl defense sytem crachd minecraft
    kann you help me `?
    sorry for my bad englisch

  • For some reason, the plugin isn't working. Unsure as to why, because I can see the items in the creative menu, but they can't be placed or crafted with. I'm running a completely fresh install (I redownloaded the entire .minecraft folder) and I only have IC and this installed for mods. IC works fine.

    EDIT: ModLoader log


  • Kent, first off, let me say thank you for updating to 1.2.5 - my crafting factory will be able to churn out nukes once I start getting a large mining operation going. >=D

    Secondly, RedPower2 has added computers with its latest release - I plan to use that to set up my own fully automated nuclear silo. It uses the FORTH programming language (ComputerCraft uses LUA), but it seems kinda like Java that I had to take back in college, so it ought to work.

    With the advent of Redpower2's frames, I am also able to create a fully-sealed silo door - the only sticking point is setting up the doors themselves, as I need to ensure they can open and close fully.

    Now if only I could use panels made out of Reinforced Stone...

  • opps im used to old way of putting mods in except ic2 i'll try