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    I agree with the general message of this. I have never found a good reason to use a toolbox when I have things like Forestry's backpacks to ensure I have enough space for most things. In addition, the way it works right now is a bit clunky, as well. A re-write may well be necessary - if it turns out to be something like a smaller inventory, checking to ensure only tools can be put in the box is necessary.

    Hey, guys. Dunno if this has been posted already, but I haven't seen it since 1.106 went up. Soooo...

    As the title says, every time I craft UU-Matter or Refined Uranium Ingots, the achievement doesn't trigger. What gives? Currently using 1.106, just as an aside.

    I don't know, the java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: makes me think some nei shenanigans with armor again, were you doing anything specific when it happened for the first time?

    Nope. All I did was log off the world in question to save it (side note: it said "Shutting Down Internal Server" when I do so, these days), then log back in during the same session of Minecraft, and it quits. So, the game still sort of runs fine, it's just if I exit any world, it'll crash if I try to enter another one during the same session.

    As I mentioned, since this wasn't directly related to IC2, it didn't meet the requirements for the Support Forum - not knowing where else it should go, I stuck it here in General Discussion.

    Hey, guys. Me again.

    The reason I didn't put this in the IC2 support section is because it doesn't necessarily pertain to IC2, but Minecraft itself.

    I recently updated Forge to, and now it seems like I can't log into the game more than once before the game spits this back at me:

    The only clue to what's going on is the titular "exception in server tick loop," whatever that means. Is there anything I can do?

    Hey guys.

    I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I'm too lazy to search today.

    Last night (maybe it was two nights ago), I was using my chainsaw (set up, as mentioned, to be accepted as one of Treecapitator's "axes") to cut down one of those big-ass oak trees that spawn every now and again at my outpost's tree farm. The moment it finished cutting, however, the chainsaw broke! Even wearing a completely-filled Lappack!

    Granted, Connected Destruction IS on, and they are the BIG trees, as previously noted, but even so, I thought the combination of a fully-filled chainsaw and a Lappack would counter the chainsaw running out of juice - the idea that the chainsaw would BREAK, however, was unexpected.

    I dunno what all we could do to fix this, as Treecapitator's one of my core mods that I never go without. About the only thing that comes to mind is that I noticed the Lappack fills the chainsaw when it cuts the tree, but then the chainsaw drains however much energy it took to cut the tree down. But reversing the order sounds like it wouldn't solve much of anything, and may actually cause more problems.

    [...] I don't see why you dislike other people who use your free and open API to use Adfly. People like ThunderDark and the makers of those brilliant IC2 mods deserve some reward! But anyway, thanks for the permission.

    The thread that (sort of) discusses why Al and the rest of the gang are against Adfly is discussed here.

    Also, good to see you again, Cal. Is UE going to implement that Universal Transformers thing I saw on the Forge forums by default?


    If ye be wonderin' about me accent, 'twas 18 years ago that two landlubbers decided that today, September 19th, shall forever be remembered as International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    So, get up, ye dogs! Sharpen them cutlasses, ready your pistols, put on your finest eyepatch, groom yer parrot (if ye have one), and raise that mug o' grog in honor of all the most feared cutthroats to ever sail the seven seas - remember, ye've only got 'til sundown to celebrate!

    Now, if'n ye'll excuse me, I have to go polish me hook.

    One little problem I see with this - UV radiation isn't exactly healthy for us humans, either. So, wouldn't the lamps also harm US if we turned them on?

    *walks in, fully kitted out with Red Matter Armor, Katar, Morning Star, Ring of Arcana, Volcanite and Evertide Amulets*

    If that wasn't clue enough, I HEAVILY rely on EE for most of my work. The twist, though, is that I use the items to construct my final base, whatever that may be. Admittedly, however, I find myself just sort of losing interest midway through the building process, but that's mainly because I've never played online. With 1.32's ability for people to join worlds you've made, that may change.

    On another note, there's a list of suggestions going on EE's board on the Minecraft Forge forums on what to do for EE3. One prevailing idea is to initially start out at some obscene conversion rate, like 5:1, and have the namesake 1:1 equivalent exchange be the endgame goal - an idea I wholly support.

    The fact of the matter is, even though I use a lot of EE's stuff, I also use it in conjunction with the other mods I use - IC2, of course, but also Forestry, Redpower 2, Buildcraft (I know at least one forumite will shun me for this, but setting up the auto-crafting systems with RP2 is far too time consuming in my opinion - auto-SORTING might be a different matter, having checked out most of the Yogscast's videos), and other mods that I try out.

    In spite of the fact that I am quite supportive of EE, I'd still rate it :Uranium:, as I have never really exploited all the "crazy-OP" methods to get to Red Matter stuff ASAP, but am aware that once you get all of EE's endgame stuff, you really don't need much else.

    I was actually doing a little side research myself, and one of the things that I came across (and remembered after the fact) is that Deuterium is used as a coolant in Heavy Water Reactors.

    Conclusion? My new theory is DCP = Deuterium Coolant Pellet.

    I've been mulling over what all DCP could stand for. These are all the words I can come up with that would fit. Mix and match for your own combinations! =P






    Pulsor (Pulser?)

    One other possibility is that the "D" is in fact an "O." Should such be the case, here's some possible ideas.



    Maybe this'll help narrow down our mystery component's identity.

    Just a little heads up on mobs picking up anything you've dropped (and items in general, in fact).

    It seems that there will also be an option that, should you in fact kick the bucket, you KEEP your stuff! Never again do you need to worry about falling into lava!


    While very complicated, also VERY well-thought out, and it's rife with innumerable applications. Finally, I'd have a use for all that dirt aside from tossing it into my EE2/3 Antimatter Core.

    *ducks in anticipation of incoming fire for using EE*

    Also, completely random and off-topic, but is that a Corgi as your avatar?

    Btw, ElecCart is eventually coming back, Richard already contacted Railcraft in this regard. We were discussing whether to put the EnergyStorage carts in IC or RC, though.

    Huh. How about that. =P

    Personal opinion, Al, but since Railcraft is the one with the unloaders, probably would be best if the EnergyStorage carts remained in RC.

    And as to the ElecCart, what all are the details behind this? Is it like a Maglev system?

    Sebra was talking about RedPower 2. And college classes...ugh. I feel your pain, man. >.<;;;

    On topic - it took me a couple reads to understand how this would all work, but I like it very much. Might even save on processing speed.