[bug] [1.23] infinite drill sound loop

  • when ever i have my drill on hand and selected (either regular or diamond) the mining sound it makes loops indefinetly... it didnt do this in previous versions and um im pretty sure its not supposed to do that..

  • I have a very similar problem. When i install IC2, i can only get the jetpack sounds and the mining laser sounds. After I copy sounds into the resources folder, the mining drill and chainsaw keep looping and i cant hear any machines sounds (when they're running of course). Can someone please help us out?

  • 8| ... Alblaka? You're starting to scare me...

    So, let's all compre notes, so to speak. The wrench noise works fine, and the treetap noise works fine, too. But, my chainsaw's noise loops infinitely whenever I have it out, and after a while it gets really annoying, especially seeing as I use it as a replacement for my sword, so when I try to fight something, I can't hear if there's a creeper hissing behind me or anything like that. But the (diamond) drill for me makes no noises at all, under any conditions. Pulling it out, putting it away, nothing. I thought it was supposed to be like that, but apparently not. :| That's all the tools, and all the machines (that I've tried) make the correct noises, EXCEPT for the induction furnace. (I am running the Advanced Machines addon, and none of those machines have sounds, but i'm not complaining about htat here, my point is, could the Adv. Machines mod change the induction furnace somehow?)

  • Chainsaws looping sound is intended. Mining Drill was meant to loop as well, but something went quite wrong.
    Player stated there's an issue with looping sounds caused by MC itself and needs to wait for a MCForge fix.

  • Another part of the problem is the sound engine seems inherently unstable when you have a lot of sounds (big surprise, I'm sure). Now you can get a looping sound to stick, but the real problem is the lag. I have built a small town with my friends in nearby buildings, and now that we have progressed through the techtree we all have reactors and such. The problem is, when we are walking away from our houses, on occasion the sound engine flips out and goes to 90%+ cpu usage (according to F3, it can vary from 40% to 95%). This can cripple my fps down to 1fps. I think these bugs are all related to the sound code in general, and I think turning off certain sounds for now (especially, especially the jetpack) would go a long way to letting us players continue on without having to restart minecraft every 5-10 minutes.

    Oh, and on SMP, the jetpacks never seem to bug out if there is nobody within listening distance of you.