How to control 6 chamber reactor?? off/on switch

  • i want to be able to turn it off and on. i tried applying redwire to it and a lever with rp2 but it seems to just activate and run constantly with the materials placed in the chambers. how can i hook it up ia switch and turn it off and on at will - is that possible?

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  • SO what do i use? i use redstone dont i? lmao - wow such a noob :P - is there anyway i can edit rp2 cfg to let the chambers use rp2 wires? :D

    pretty obvious solution there. If redwire doesn't work than just use regular redstone dust. Only the bit that connects to the reactor needs to be dust.

  • Yes, but redwire placed on a reactor /chamber/ won't do the trick? I suppose I should test that, but at any rate the repeater (normal minecraft repeater) is the solution I've been using.