Direwolf20's V1.00 Lets Play series

  • is there a config or something for portalgun? it looks like in the videos his changes colors when he uses it instead of having to press G

  • You're looking for "mod_PortalGun.properties" in your /mods/portalgun folder. It can be opened and edited with Notepad or similar.

    Direwolf20: What's the "APS" config file in the config folder? Is that for the BuildCraft "Advanced Power Systems" addon? Will you be using that or is it still in alpha?

  • Thanks for clarifying! I'm trying to tidy up the install - and I'm using a couple of other mods in addition (Solar Helmets 2.5, Halogen Lights, and Power Converters 1.30).
    It took a little trial and error but I rebuilt my Minecraft install to stay up to date with the new versions and mods you are using.
    I have no desire to use NEI for conjuring items (EE already takes that as far as I'd like!) but I have to say, the recipe functionality is great! And it beats having 3000+ pages like in RecipeBook or CraftGuide - and the filters are much more versatile.

    I'm really enjoying your series, but sometimes it seems that you spend a bit too much time trying to work out how to build or do something on-screen. Just my opinion and not intended in a negative way - perhaps it's a matter of my own attention span! But I like it more when you have a clear idea of what you want to do, perhaps something you've tried in your test world, and the on-screen time is spent doing it. The exception is when you're trying something and encounter a common error or issue you might want to share with viewers (as we see sometimes in your mod spotlights).

    Anyhow, keep up the great work! :thumbup:

  • Combustion engines will burn through that water VERY fast once they hit the "orange" stage. A full resevoir of water will probably disappear within a minute or less.

    I was saddened to see this happen to you today, after we had previously discussed this. When you rebuild, consider either adding a cooling supply (via pumps or teleport) or at the very least, some kind of electronic failsafe to keep the engine from running too long.

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    Well, I had planned on replacing that engine sooner rather than later. it just blew up before I got around to it.

    My *PLAN* is to use a biogas engine. It needs lava to 'get started'. so what better place to use the biogas engine? I can just hook it up to my lava import line. Biogas engine produces 5energy / tick, same as fuel, but the biomelange doesn't last as long. The good thing is that they will never explode.

    Also, I rebuilt the system already using entirely red power. You'll get to see me over engineer an overly complicated solution to a problem, and then wind up scrapping it for a much simpler and elegant solution :). Episode 33 is 1 hour and 6 minutes long, though I'm considering splitting it into 2 parts and uploading them together.

  • Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I've gone through most of the lava in the area so using what's left to fire up a biogas engine sounds good to me.

    Also, I noticed that the Portal Gun mod was causing conflicts with Silentdeth's BC-IC Crossover addon - considering this and the other problems with it (such asd the bloated use of block IDs and especially iChun's possible abandonment of the mod), I've removed the mod from my build. Instead, I'm using the TF2 Teleporters and Sentry Guns. Check them out - you may want to change too!

  • A discovery I wanted to share with you (you may have already changed it in an unaired episode):

    The timer next to the retriever between your macerators and furnaces should be set to a shorter delay. The reason for this: If the macerators are all occupied, any newly arriving ore is not sent up the green pipe - instead it is sent down to the recyclers! I discovered this to my horror last night when I watched some iron and gold ore get recycled because it couldn't be admitted to the macerators. So I set the delay to 2.0 seconds and that seems to be working.

    Alternately, you could go back to the overflow pipe and chest you had before - that might work too.

    (Also, the collector next to your relay would still benefit from having a glowstone block placed atop it, for faster processing).

  • Very good ideas - thank you for bringing them up to him! Here's hoping it will result in a more stable mod - and one where the user can choose what to install.

  • You'll be a great addition to the IC2 team! I can presume to speak for all the players by saying you've been very helpful to all of us!