HELP: Addon Ideas

  • speed paths: blocks when walked on double the players speed as long as the player walks on the block.

  • lactogen: a generator that produces power from the source of milk buckets

  • Addonidea: Auto-treetapers

    Desribtion: The addon would consist of a machine that we would put next to a resin hole and it would harvest the resin automaticaly but it would have to be powered by EU.

    Hope somone makes it. :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • Suggestion: A block that will store 500 EU, but will output as much as possible. If it is at full capacity, it will emit a redstone current. This will allow a nuclear rector to be shut off if no devices need EU.

    Thank you.

  • WTB IC2 Engine for Buildcraft.

    It exists, it's called Energy Couplers...

    Would anyone like to try a Slowpoke Tail?! Only 1 Million Yen!


    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

    Every Mod Author, in existence. And yet, you STILL say otherwise.

  • addon idea: Teleport Cables

    Desribtion: the addon would consist of cables similar to the buildcraft teleport piepes addon tp pipes but it would teleport eu.

    Hope somone makes it. :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • addon idea: Teleport Cables

    Desribtion: the addon would consist of cables similar to the buildcraft teleport piepes addon tp pipes but it would teleport eu.

    Hope somone makes it. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Would be *horribly* broken.
    The item and waterproof teleport pipes are an item of convenience. The power ones still have loss.

    besides, one can already teleport power through clever use of the existing bc ic power compatibility mods.

  • How you like my Idea of this Tier 4 and 5 energy? (And more Advanced stuff) 17

    1. Awesome! 5/5 (10) 59%
    2. Nice one. 4/5 (1) 6%
    3. Not good, not bad. 3/5 (1) 6%
    4. Well not really. 2/5 (0) 0%
    5. It's stupid and/or useless. 1/5 (2) 12%
    6. I don't care, but if it will come out(IF IT WILL! didn't say that it will come out..), i'll try it out. (2) 12%
    7. Own opinion (post them!). (1) 6%

    Well after Al posted at my suggestion/idea that I should move it to here i did it.

    First: this is a WIP Idea/Suggestion (however you want to call it..)
    Also, if some1 want's to code it PM me and we could talk about it. And Al -> please don't take it as a Suggestion for the official IC2, you know you won't do it ;D.

    Basicly i had a pretty darn crazy (obviously..) idea about the fourth and fifth tier of energy (all above 512 EU/t or 2048EU/t).
    I had an idea about making Anti-Matter who basicly could make running a complete new Machine who makes about 2024 EU/t for an special New Matter called: Prime Matter. Prime Matter is like UU-Matter, but this will give you even more and also WAYS more compatiblities (in my mind atm Dark Matter from EE and this stuff), or just for deco (block who should give out a blue light (this would mean that the light rendereing and this will need to be edited.(Probably a New Mod who also make additions to other mods like BC Railcraft and so on).

    Also could be running with that (battery-like) a Mass Fab. just basicly the Prime acts like a battery who actually looses then damage and basicly get's uses up like scrap (and also give it a 100% boost)

    Basic Idea is pretty easy to understand.. now for the hack of it the (for 80%) complete idea where i atm have in my mind: (also some kinds of ot are above xD)

    Ok, we start of, of having like a constantly reactor output -> 1024 EU/t right? So if we have this we could make an Special Machine that could take 2 reactors for working at the most perfect state..this means: a Machine produces with like 30 MILLION EU[Name: Proton Fabricator] (in a constant rate of 1024 EU/t or higher.., just needs to be 100% constant) and takes a whole f*cking load of time to produce Ultra Protons (name for it just atm...). Also if it would get unstable, you would create basicly an black hole (more information underneath)
    Now let's say we have those Ultra Protons and we get them in a basic standing state.. we need to have a machine right beside of the ProAcc. we need to have them standing basicly in a state where those don't conflict with normal matter.. and need to "can" them with the Proton-"Canner" -truly i need better names..-, after we "canned" them we could take them in our bag and transfer them to an other device that needs some special pipe-ings to basicly accelerator those protons even more, and make the final anti-matter.
    (whoever have better names please post them...)
    After all of this we'll need the anti-matter-worker, who basicly takes this anti-matter and produces in a rate of 4096 EU/t an tier 5 of energy who could accept just one machine: energy absorber.
    The energy absorber basicly takes those 4k EU/t and makes every minute 1 UUM (and takes UUM like the Mass Fab is taking scrap and produce Prime Matter, or with whole loads of stacks of scrap, every second.. (for it to work it should take scrap in a ridiculous amount, for some balancing porpuses..and giving another machine more work).

    New: I got the idea of an easy machine, basicly a Recycler MK2, who basicly produces with an 50/50 (every second or third..) chance to produce scrap and with about 60% faster operating speed as the normal one.
    New: Also i've got the Idea of an Oil fabricator KINDA like the 1 from Pwer Crystal but.., basicly when it get's more EU it will make more oil per UUM it takes. Like an MK2 version of the Crossover thingy one (sry forgott the namy and i'm actually too lazy to search for it xDD)

    That's just an idea, and it should be in some kind pretty complex , atm. it sounds kind of easy but in the end we will need a whole bullshit amount of energy and material's to get everything perfectly working, without making a black hole who would take the complete world, and let it stand "Congratulations, you created a block hole." Points: Infinite and the button just says "Delete world".
    And this should be it.., if you have any questions about this, take your time and leave a comment..

    Also I need to say. No I can't code, that's why i made this addon suggestion.

    Edit: Just also was thinking of an Piping system for those Protons to get fully accelerated (like the one in (Switzerland)Geneve (yes this is french, i don't have actually the english 1 in my mind but you get the point...)
    Edit: YES, this needs alot more of balancing everything, still it's an WIP-Addon-Idea xD.
    Edit: Also got an Idea -> that we need some kind of Proton-"cans" who are a bit kind of expensive to make.., we'll need them to "can" Protons, and also as a Battery-like thing with 10 Million storage.., also we would have then a 1 milliard (10^9, sry for my bad english..) or for you an 1 billion-Storage device aka. the Matter-Storage-Unit (MSU).

    If some1 want's to discusse abt this in skype or something, write me a ->PM <-, and i'll try to explain you or discuss abt you over this complete Idea (needs a good amount of time , so yeah, plan it good if you want to discusse..)

    Greetings: Unbr34k4bl3

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  • Reserved (just if i really need to..)

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  • Addonidea: Auto-treetapers

    Desribtion: The addon would consist of a machine that we would put next to a resin hole and it would harvest the resin automaticaly but it would have to be powered by EU.

    Hope somone makes it. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Take a fully charged Electric Tree Tap (from the Addon) and take a Deployer (RP2) and there you go..
    (If some1 alrdy posted this you can delete it or if it isn't working..)

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  • A computer (sort of) that is able to connect to any GUI via a GUI control that can be powered by ic or bc energy so that you are able to view the GUI of that item and change some of them including Zeldo's Additional Pipes so that you can make sure that the items that you want are extracted, but the computer has to be powered by IC power. P.S it will also allow you to VIEW-ONLY what is in a chest, not to take it out.
    And i kno that it would probably be hard to code that is why i believe that it is a Addon so that the person that develops it most likely arent working on anything else so if this doesnt sound right i am unsure. Thanks for reading :D :Industrial Diamond:

  • Hey Guys,

    I have 2 Addon ideas, one of them is called "Powered Tools", that means that all Tools like NanoSaber etc. becomes an Upgrade (Tier2 maybe?)

    The other idea is an Laser Addon, like LaserMod but redstone as source this lasers will use EU. Maybe 1-10 Blocks = 30EU / t and 11-20 = 100 EU / t, i dont know but this would be nice :D

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand my ideas :X

  • Hello,
    i have a good idea.

    in a older Versions of IC or IC2 was the tool "EC Manipulator" i think its a good tool for Change the Texture from Cable to Stone or others.
    So i think a tool for Change Skins/texture from Cable to a other.

  • Hey Guys,

    I have a nice Idea.

    Why we can't craft Lava? Lava/Magma are liquid stone. So why we cant cobblestone smelt to Lava.

    My Idea is an Electronic melting furnanace.
    With him, you can 64 or 128 cobblestone smelt to 1 lava cell. You must first heating the furnance to 100% (like :Induction Furnace: ) after that you can smelt the cobblestone (into a tank slot or if positive lava cell).

    I don't know how many Cobblestone are fine for 1 lavacell, but I think 64-128 are rly good? Or maybe Cleanstone / Bricks, I dont know :>

  • well its kinda 2 ideas one is make a advanced mkII cropnalyzer that you put something in it and it completly scans it in 1 pass

    the second one is a stationary machine cropnalyzer cappable of scan multiple seeds in fast order for those of us who like to run 200 or so breeding sticks lol

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  • Addonidea: More Reactors

    It might sound a bit silly, but i would really love some MKII or MKIII Reactors, which would produce around 10.000 EU/t or even more.
    Just for sizing down Powerplants and making it less complicated to produce 10.000+ EU/t
    (Then again there are Advanced Machines and Solar Arrays, why not Reactors )

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  • Idea: Upgradable tools.

    Type 1:
    Mod add new :Advanced Machine: block.

    You can open it's interface and place some tool, :Mining Drill: for example;
    It show you all avaliable upgrades for it tool;
    You place upgrades(like Overclocker upgrade to make it more fast in gathering resourses(Efficiency), Energy storage upgrade to bigger energy storage, Transformer upgrade to make it avaliable to recharge with some :Energy Crystal: /lapotron crystals, AND maybe some new like Accuracy upgrade(Fortune));

    Type 2:
    same :Advanced Machine: block have gui like

    (just example)

    in left cell you place :Mining Drill:
    It will give you a Iron bore head in top cell,
    Normal_tool_base in middle,
    , Rechargable battery in bottom cell.

    Now you can replace all these items with some other,
    for example iron bore head with diamond bore head or saw,
    :RE Battery: with :Energy Crystal:
    and Normal_Tool_Base with Fast_Tool_Base
    Then just craft new Hayoish tool...

    p.s. sorry for bad english. I hope you understand my idea...