[Suggestion] Android, iOS Manual guide for IC2?

  • I've just got a "simple" idea, basicly it would be an android and an iOS App for the industrialcraft(rp and bc also maybe?) recipes and maceretors and this stuff. Just like a complete guide, just for your smartphone. (Would be awesome, cuz i hate having not my Recipe Guide, and searching it over my whole damn chest system, for just 1 recipe), Also (if possible) should it have like an recipe guide(just truly not with recipes), the difference is, that it will say you what you need for an item or machine to craft (eg. -> Macerator 3 Flint, 2 Cobble, 1 Machine Block, 1 Integrated Circuit), i think this would be pretty awesome, and also as written above, some support for other mods, in this case -> buildcraft, redpower and so on.)
    What you think about that? :P
    Also i'm sorry for my bad english.

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  • That would be cool, but wouldn't it have to be written in a different coding language (no idea, just assuming)? Probably not worth the team's time. but maybe someone lurking around here could pick it up.

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  • http://www.minecraftforum.net/…th-ic2-and-mc-10-support/

    Android version already available, they're currently working on an iOS version.

    Awesome, !
    Just need to wait some more days for my samsung galaxy s2 to come :s, but still it's awseome! (also sad that i broke just today my Galaxy S(1) :s)

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  • Why not just load the respective wikis .. ?

    It's ways faster, and uses less RAM and CPU from the handy, as having like 10 Tabs open.., also you can have all at once on your handy's (?sry if i misswrote something lol.) homescreen..
    That's atleast my opinion. ^^.

    Edit: Just saw that u made the calculator for the recipes ;p, could be something cool if implemented into that app.

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