Why are UUM recipies intended to be *secret*

  • I just think its a government secret. It is their way to stop the poor people from getting rich quick. Lowering the amount of tax they pay meaning more but also less money for the government.
    Like come on what else could it be?

  • One million EU generated for free in conjunction with a cobblestone generator. Once you have a proper feedback loop built you can turn it on and ultimately create matter without any loss, only perpetual gain. Cobblestone should probably be excluded from Recyclers and Mass Fabricators.

    Well, if you're going to try to balance around mods, then you'd also have to exclude wood and wheat, because Forestry farms allow you to produce that stuff by the ton, and gives you an electric engine that you can use to power the farms so they're essentially "free" to run. And you can combine that with Buildcraft's automatic crafting table to turn the wood into planks, and the planks into sticks, and the sticks into fences, and recycle the fences. And even from a standard vanilla Minecraft standpoint, you'd want to exclude sugarcane and cactus, because both are easily automatically farmable. Should probably include eggs too, because you can build a mass egg factory and get dozens upon dozens of eggs, and...

    See what I'm getting at here?

    If you think it's that cheap...don't use it. But you can't expect a mod to be balanced around all possible exploits even from the vanilla game, much less every mod in existence.

  • A simple config option would be nice, to turn off the ability to craft Recyclers, and/or to adjust the efficiency of scrap in a mass fabricator.

    Personally, I'd keep the recycler, and the current setting, but the option is what makes it nice.

  • Would be more cool of course if the UUM-Mechanic would totally change. Let's say I build a random-matter-generator. I choose one of the possible goals and my generator uses the needed amount of UUM to create stuff (so if I choose to create diamonds, he would use 9 UUM with every "cycle"). But because it is random crazy things could happen. You could get a TNT-Block instead of a diamond or some plain dirt. But you could also get a diamond while trying to create gold. Or random chickens spawn around your matter-generator because it went totally crazy and created them. Also you could add random uranium if you try to create diamonds, so basically uranium would be back in, but not reliable.

    This is genius. I don't like how reliable UUM is, considering it allows you to create almost anything in the game. This is a really neat idea!