[Addon v1.43] BuildCraft blueprint compatibility

  • This mod makes IC2 blocks compatible with BuildCraft blueprints, introduced in 3.1.0. Obviously requires BuildCraft 3.1.0 or later - I will ignore all "ClassNotFoundException: buildcraft/api/bptblocks/BptBlockOrientMeta" errors.

    Download v1.0 (tested on BuildCraft v3.1.0)

    - Machines, generators, energy storage units, safes and trade-o-mats (orientation)
    - Colored walls (1 n wall -> 1 construction foam + 1 n dye)
    - Colored cables (1 n-painted cable -> 1 cable + 1 n dye)
    - Luminators
    - Scaffolds (1 reinforced scaffold -> 1 scaffold + 2 sticks)
    - All other blocks without special properties (metal blocks, ores, etc.)

    This mod doesn't include the Technic shenanigans - I have surrendered.

  • Nice.. now all I need is 3.1, of which i'm waiting for one of the power converter addons before I flip my single player world to 3.x

  • This is awsome. i just installed it and it works fine. when i saw this i was just posting on the BC forum post about this problem.

  • My 4xIns. HV Cables arent being used at all though it says they are needed.
    Also my blueprint has glass fibre cables and they dont even appear to be needed on the list to make it. (NVM they Sshow up but as HV Cables....) But still aren't placed just like the HV cables