A few questions on Reactors

  • Hi Engineers.

    I do have a few issues regarding nuclear energy. Just build my first reactor and was fascinated and a bit afraid at the same time - just like the guys in real life i guess ;)

    So i did use this design from another topic:

    It said 8.000.0000 EU total.
    After the cycle was finished, I but only had like 6.100.000 stored in my EFSU. Are those nearly 2.000.000 missing just due to the loss from my wireing?

    I mean the HV Calble has some pretty high loss per block - or lets call in resistance. This starting design puts put out very small enegry packages of 40 EU/T which is not even close to the maximum of the HV canble i used to wire the MFSU with my reactor. I read that you always should try to use wireing fitting to the electric tension you have so minimize the loss.

    So what do you think is a clever desing? Put the MFSU just outside the reactor pool and use gold wireing for starting designs?

    Also - I am whondering why when i try do do sme designing with the reactorplanner there is always one component red? I tried to build heatbrindges to lead the heat into arrays surrounded by as many cooling cells as possible. I understood that those integrated heatdispensers would even out the heat between adjacent components. So I wonder why one of the adjacent components will melt in seconds while the other one is doing fine?

  • HV cable should only be used when your reactor us putting out more than 512EU/t. The design you linked is only putting out 40EU/t, try insulated gold cable .. But have the MFS Unit close by, as gold is pretty lossy.

  • Up to two insulated (2x) gold cable in to the 3-dot side of an LVTF. Route up to 4 insulated copper cables from the output face of the LVTF to your MFE/MFSU. If it's more than that many blocks away use another LVTF-3dot (at the end of the copper 4-length cable run) and repeat across up to another 4 copper. Lather, rinse, repeat (again and again and again). Enjoy 128eU/t max over copper while it lasts.

    Edit: PS: At the end of your copper link you'll have to 'split out' the 4x32eU/t packets. An LVTF in 'step up' (redstone powered) mode might work wonderfully if you have another gold cable to patch from it to your storage.

    PS: 3-rubber HV cable (4x in icon) can be used for ONE BLOCK losslessly.

  • wel budi, about your second question.

    you tried to design your own reactor using the planner and some components are red, this means they wil melt during the first cycle, an reactor with "red" components wil most likely blow up in its cycle.

    and you wondered why adjacent components wil melt before other parts? wel i have an few experiences with that which i wil explain.

    coolant cells: these are marvelous little things, if you hapen to place these next to the uranium cells they wil directly take the heat from the uranium, thus increasing the chance to melt greatly.

    heat dispenser: wonder of nuclear engineering, these make sure all heat is distributed in an + shape, place these next to an reactor and it wil work its magic, as an example:

    the heat distributors are places so they can reach the MAX amount of coolant cells, always make sure every cell is connected to at least one, this is the most effective way to go,
    another example:

    this one cools more then it heats up, BUT the components wil melt causing your reactor to say BANG!
    the cells are now distributed allongside the uranium cells, causing them to take direct heat without heat dispensers aid. causing an meltdown.

    if you have any more questions, feel free to ask :)

    right, time to get serious...
    i wil be offline for weeks and possibly months at an time. if you have anything to add to an post i made, and would like me to know. you are welcome to pm me, and i wil reply as soon as i am able to do so.