Support Request: Modding in addition items

  • I've never made a mod before, but I've got MCP and Eclipse and have been messing around a bit with the source. I've got a good handle on java from college but for my first modding project I'd like to work on IC2 items.

    The first thing I want to add is an upgraded version of the Quantum armor that works as the armor, a 1 million EU lappack, and an infinite electric jet pack. Making it extremely expensive to make. I'd release it here if it works well otherwise I'd just use it on my private server for my RL friends.

    Could you possible point me in the right direction to get this working? Could you share the code for how jetpacks/lappacks/quantum armor work?

    Thanks ahead of time I'm looking forward to getting started on this project!

  • I understand him when he want a upgraded version of the Quantum body armor because so far i will never use the body armor of the Quantum armor. Why? because you have to choose if you need the lapback (yes I need it a lot) or the jetpack (sometimes it is very usefull) or the Quantum armor (come on only for protection??? the i take one of the other two). So if you can make it at a mod were only one very expensive torso armor is in i would like to have it ^^

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    That's the deal with the chestpiece :3 Quantum armor does "only" make you near invulnerable...
    If you give people one super-armor, it does make ANYTHING else obsolete and EVERYONE will EXCLUSIVELY use this super-armor, because it does everything.
    Some may like the idea of being godlike with super.-everything-unlimited armor, but that's what Creative Mode is for, imho.

  • Why not make it so the Quantum BodySuit Doubles as a Energy Pack consuming from its own internal Energy, but since its not especially designed for it Energy Cost of the Tools would be 2-4x of the EU it would consume normally? Either that or when the energy of the Suit Reaches 50-75% It will stop sending energy to the tool.

    Quantum boots already doubles as a less Useful JetPack.

    Edit: A third more crazy option would be to make it a toggle, 2 modes for the Suit, Shield Mode where it will constantly consume EU to create a shield that will make incoming damage 0/Near 0 and Energy Mode where it will double as a Lappack, you either have one or the other but cant have both at the same time. (This also reminded me of that Tesla Hat Suggestion...)

  • I really like your idea FenixR. Sorry I didn't PM you alkaba, I'm new the the forums and must have missed that specific rule. I'll make sure to PM you on future source requests. I'll attempt to decompile IC2 and see if I can make the armor. I like the idea of a shield/energy mode. Maybe instead of making the armor a infinite jetpack, I could also make an upgraded version of the boots that is a electric jetpack but with a 1 million EU energy pool to pull from.

    As for the godmode, I completely agree with you Alkaba. However during the game I find I have to constantly be switching from jetpack to lappack, so my idea was to combine them in an expensive way just merely for convience, and also a bit of an upgrade as I find sometimes I drain my 300,000 EU lappack very quickly :)

    2. You can decompile IC²'s code via MCP.

    How do I do this? I've been able to decompile a lot of things but I'm not sure on how to go about doing this. I can't find information on it anywhere!

  • try google, it help a lot in information searching.

    you may decompile IC2 by dropping everything into minecraft.jar

    to compile it back use patches or your own knowlage of java to fix decompilation artefacts.

  • I always use google before positing :D

    Anyway, I've got it decompiled, but I don't have a clean minecraft.jar for 1.0 so I'll just wait for the IC2 1.1 release to start my project.
    Found it.

    Thanks for the advice!