Suggestion: A Bigger/tiered MFS Unit System

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    MFS Unit T1 (tier one) to MFS Unit T10 (tire 10) or whatever you would want to call it provided you even like the idea.

    So the point of it is simply to be able to store more EUs in a smaller space by combining MFS Units into a tier system.

    Im not sure how complicated this would be, but have it go to whatever tier you want (creator) so let say tier 1 could be 100,000,000. tier 2 could be 200,000,000....and all the way to tier 10 which would be 1,000,000,000 EUs. Crazy yes, but it would save a lot of room, and could be a possible achievement of total nonsense. Kidding, just a goal for people like me who like to build the biggest then work on making it the best.

    How it could be made is by having lets say 8 MFS Uints surround Another material (doesnt really matter to me, whatever would work for you) and that would create the next tier of MFS Unit or "MFS Unit T1".
    :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:
    :MFS-Unit: :) :MFS-Unit: ---> :MFS-Unit: (MFSU T1)
    :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:

    Then to create the next tier you could take the T1 and surround it with 8 more MFS Units creating the MFSU T2.

    :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:
    :MFS-Unit: (T1) :MFS-Unit: ---> :MFS-Unit: (MFSU T2)
    :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:

    And so on and so forth.

    What do you think??

  • "Why?" comes to mind..
    if you've got that kind of power income it's better to just store some (like say, 1-4 MFSU's) and funnel the rest into a mass fab or two.
    There's almost no point to storing that much power that i'm aware of.

  • "why?", beats me haha

    Really just to have it i guess. like i said just to set another goal in to game to try and achieve. and to be like "damn, that is a lot of EUs"
    it is mostly a outrageous idea but i figured i would just throw it out there to hear what other have to say about it.

  • Electrolizers+RP2 Tube system+Diamond Chest (Somewhere in this forum) = Lots and Lots of Energy. (With just a 15% loss)

    And like i said in your support thread, Just frigging use all that energy in mass fabricators or something, theres absolutely no need to store that much energy.