My First Reactor

  • Heyho :) Its my first thead here on IC² forum, so HAYO!

    Okay now for the thing i wanted to share: I builded a few month ago an reactortemplate for the first Reactor that i build on every map. I think its cheap, save and efficent.


    Heres the Layout. The good Thing is it Fills an Whole MFSU with one Load and at the beginning u wont have more than One ;) Also it doesent use much uranium and u dont even need HV cables to Transfere it to the MFSU! Normal goldcables do the trick nice. Also u can use this nice machine without reinforced stone cause it will never explode. On the Old map i had 4 of them and they were behind normal glass. Looked nice, i tell you ;)

    I made some screens of my singleplayer-map, heres the link to the gallery:

    So what do you think about this Layout?

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  • In the first post of first thread in this section is written: "6. See the post below this one for the link forum keeps changing it ..This reactor sacrifises efficiency for pure eu per cost. Most likely has the highest eu per cost that is possible".
    If you look at that post you will see exactly the same design.
    I srongly suggest looking at this thread: http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2963. You may find there many reactor designs you will create in the future.

  • nice setup, nice screens.

    i do have to ask, u made the design yourself or just claim to have made it yourself by mistake? since raGan does have an point. it is the same setup as the first post.

    all wel and good, ceep on going and maybe one day go CASUC with 1800 eu/tick

    right, time to get serious...
    i wil be offline for weeks and possibly months at an time. if you have anything to add to an post i made, and would like me to know. you are welcome to pm me, and i wil reply as soon as i am able to do so.

  • Ty for the feedback :) I made the layout at my own, i spend long time at the Reactorplanner and had much testmaps in singleplayer to build an reactor thats failsave (cuz i fail a lot at things like mainentance ) I had seen the thread you have posted but i didt checked all the layouts. I like to work at my own and just get ideas from other layouts to improve my own. The layout I use atm (the one that i posted) was totaly an result of 2 hours try and error with the reactorplanner (at the time i made the layout it produced 30 eu/tick, dont know why its 60 eu now)

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  • looks pretty good and with the full set, it can be copy-pasted to fill the entire reactor if you replace one uranium cell with an isotope cell. Still makes a lot of energy (150 EU/t) and it helps make more uranium... very slowly though but it works.