[Bug 1.64] Rubber tree grows without resin hole

  • Every rubber tree i grow myself (from saplings) doesn't have any resin hole at all.
    Resin doesn't spawn on them overtime and i can't get resin out of them no matter how much i use the treetap so i am assuming they don't have a resin hole.
    When they grow they sometimes grow with resin on them, however after harvesting that resin, again it acts as if there is no resin hole.

    And this only happens with trees that i grow. Naturally spawned ones work fine.

  • Badluck.
    Seriously, using bonemeal and spawning naturally uses the SAME CODE.
    However, some trees just dont get any holes, it's RNG.
    If you're unlucky, you will even get a set of trees without holes.

  • First of all thanks for the quick reply.
    So i just grown 25 rubber trees with bonemeal, but all of them had this same issue, so i really don't think it's just badluck.
    However i was wrong at something:
    As i said before when they grow they sometimes already have resin on them and after harvesting that resin i can spam treerap on that face and get more resin for a while(until the hole breaks i guess), so i guess there is a resin hole on those.

    Also i don't know if it has anyhing to do with all of this but sometimes rubbertree grows way too short.
    By short i mean one or two blocks of rubberwood and some leaf, then again it happens only sometimes.

  • Might add if SMP or SSP.

    In SMP the holes are invisible after the tree grows. This only happens if the tree grows if you are next to him (which is always true if you use bonemeal). If you relogg the holes should be visable. The holes are also invisable if you are near a tree if they regain their resin. I remember Richard wrote that this is eventually fixed in the next release.

  • Quote

    Monday, January 30th 2012, 9:56am
    Known, will be fixed.

    Sorry, I was mistaken. It was Alblaka saying this. But since you are working quite a lot lately I thought it was something you mentioned :P

  • For the time being a work-around is to do something like place a torch on the face that has the resin hole and then break it off. The block update that occurs will show you the true state of the resin hole.