[Question] Damage nerfed?

  • Hi.

    I noticed that my chainsaw and mining laser no do a lot less damage than they did in the older version.
    Is this a bug or is this intented since they are tools and I am supposed to use the nano saber for ballance reasons?

  • Although it's just a "feeling" and thus very subjective I think at least
    the chainsaw's damage is now (1.64) lower than before (1.43)
    I need 10-12 strikes to kill a zombie (10 hearts) and I definitly think I needed less on 1.43

  • Thank your for for your fast reply.

    The server runs 1.64.
    I also need like 10 hits to kill a zombie - before I needed 2 or 3. Also a long range hit with the mining laser on point blank range now needs 2 shots to kill a zombie - it was 1 before. But as mentioned all other weapons and the nano sabre still work fine.

    The server also runs Buildcraft and redpower and a few other mods since the admin likes to mod this game into oblivion....

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    Now, i'm playing 1.64 on a server with a few friends, and we for sure do not need 10 strikes.
    More about 3-4.

    As well, keep in mind zombie health got buffed (afaik 20 -> 30 / 10h -> 15h) in 1.1 by Mojang.

    Are you sure the chainsaw was charged?

    In regard to the mining laser i'll probably need to check that again.

    Sidenote: Bukkit?