[Schematic] IC2 Colony Ships - May 6th 2012 - Space Station Modules on the way (no pics just yet)

  • Well, the summer's here at last which means more time for general spanner bashing!

    Been playing a lot of FTB COOP with Shnoo and Russdee of late, so apologies for lack of updates and new ship designs.

    Contemplating building some designs using RP2 frames, but I'm not really sure what the community might like - time to watch/play some more sci-fi for ideas.

    Toying with some of the new RP2 features, might build something fun with fluids into a colony module and see where that leads =]

  • Hey guys,

    just letting you know we're not dead! Summer proved to be quite traumatic (lost job, nearly lost house, got another job...breathed huge sigh of relief). Currently awaiting updates on the bigs mods whilst getting inspiration (and a lot of fun frustration) from playing FTL.

    Update 5th Jan 2013:

    Happy new year everyone.

    Following the release of the ftb modpacks, the team and I have been messing around with the DW20 pack in particular. Everyone and their grandmother have been making 6-degree of freedom flying quarries using RP2, plus this thread has lost its stickied status *sob*, both of which has kinda rendered continuation of this project a little obselete.

    Regardless, we continue to play minecraft on our small private server as well as a couple of the free public ones and will continue to design buildings and ships for aesthetics and functionality. If we produce anything I feel worthy of sharing with the community at large, I will add to the OP of this thread.

    Thank you once again for all the views and downloads - and a huge thank you to Alblaka and the team for creating THE best of the big mods out there (even if my heart is being stolen by Thermal Expansion a little...)

    See you in the mines!


  • Hey guys,

    just to let anyone who still follows this necrotic thread know that we've begun work on a self sustaining fusion powered cruiser using the FTB beta ultimate pack v0.3 for minecraft 1.5.2.

    Once finished and once the block IDs are finalised for this pack (which may eventually go into mincraft 1.6, who knows), I'll dump pics fo' clicks and a buildcraft template as well as a worldedit schematic.

    Also Russdee muttered somthing about sorting out the schematics for all the old ships...


  • Thank you for the info.
    I had wondered what had happened to this project.
    It is nice to see that it is up and running.

    Alblaka says:

    "People using their intellect in attempts to discuss other people into the ground could be considered less intellectual then people using their intellect for something beneficial :3"

  • Has it really been two years? It feels like only yesterday.

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