EU Production

  • Looking for ways to produce a ton of EU, without a reactor.
    I'm still messing around with RP2 and IC2 to see how many manned Water Mills, one deployer can deal with before it starts to slow down.

  • If you are looking for a cheap, but hard to set up array, I recommend wind power. If you want to use an expensive but easy to set up array, I recommend solar. If you have a good source of lave nearby, try out geothermals, as they pump out some serious energy, and they are compatible with buildcraft pipes.

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  • It's best to put your windmills at level 127 to get the most energy from them. This means making a platform at about level 123, laying down your infrastructure and then running wires up to the mills.

    There's a pretty in-depth thread in the Electrical Engineering section on how to do this. It's not particularly expensive, to be honest.

  • i usually have them 35 blocks away from the ground so i can use tin cable

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