Bug: Rubber Saplings don't grow

  • I found a rubber tree, stripped off the leaves for saplings and planted them in my tree farm. 2 hours later still no trees from the saplings. As a control I planted other normal trees which grew just fine, but no luck with rubber trees. Anyone else having no luck with cultivating rubber trees?

  • Ok, they don't need any special requirements met to grow, right? Just the normal tree requirements? Also bonemeal doesn't work on them. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

  • I have found my problem in growing them, seems they don't like having just 1 piece of dirt to sit one. I moved one sapling to a larger plot, blinked, and it was a tree. Now to see what the minimum dirt needed is. Thank you for the help.

  • Actually, after extensive trial and error the problem is that rubber saplings need grass to grow, rather than just dirt like the other trees. This leaves out a lot of peoples tree farms, including my initial one.

  • Quote

    if(world.getBlockId(i, j - 1, k) != Block.grass.blockID || world.getBlockId(i, j, k) != 0 && world.getBlockId(i, j, k) != mod_IC2.blockRubSapling.blockID)

    this shoud be updated to check dirt\grass also this MUST ignore leaves (all types).

    currently it wont glow if anything obstruct grow and only over grass.


  • My problem is finding any amount of them at all. I had to use TMI to spawn in saplings for my world. I generated a random seeded world. The other problem I have with them is for another thread, but I guess I can say it here as well. When you hit them with a tree tap, the resin goes flying all over the place.