updates/regularity of new versions of addons/mods

  • Has anyone notice that to stay fully updated with all your favourite mods/addons you have to update them at least twice a week? Not to mention compatibility issues with old worlds, block ids and the like.

    The latest example being the split of advanced machines(sorry! I like the mod, it is just the stick that broke the camels back here), that will cause me another headache, trying to apply it to my current set up.

    I think what I am trying to say is that It would be much better if there was a slower release of mods, take Eloram for example. One release every minecraft version is fantastic, rather than in the middle of my new (yet again >( ) world where I have to update everything.

    Bug fixes? yeah sure, have bug fix updates for people who care about them, but don't add new content making people feel they have to update yet again. (everyone always wants new shinies.

    Sorry Alblaka, love your mod, I just hope this opens up some discussion about this.

    (you might be asking why not just stop updating. well yeah, the current state up the updates have now driven me to this. I hate it, but it now outweighs my want of everything updated.)

    Hell, prove me wrong, Happy to be so 99% of the time, then I can learn stuff :)

  • sorry but I do not agree with you.

    No one is forcing you to update your mods. You cold just make the necessary updates when there is a new MineCraft version.
    Personally I have not upgrade my serves to IC 1.71 yet. I'm planning to skip this version and wait for IC2 for MC 1.2.3

    I can easily understand your frustration, but again no one is forcing you to update. You should just be happy that the developer is still updating, and developing the game


  • I only update one or twice when MC gets updated, you dont have to download anything else if you dont want to.

    Besides its not like its difficult to install IC2, just download place in mod folder and you are done. It would be 10x more annoying if you had to copy files directly to minecraft jar.

  • I spend more time updating my mod loadout then actually playing Minecraft. However, I attribute that more to my burnout then anything else. With few exceptions, the mods that update the most are also the ones easiest to swap out and replace as required. Also, as stated earlier, you don't HAVE to update. I still have several copies of 1.7.3 chillin' out with my old worlds and their mods, completely unaware that the world has moved on.

    There is, of course, an issue when you have to update your copy of Vanilla Minecraft, but that is just the cost of using mods. For the most part, more updates are a good thing.

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  • The one thing I never understood is when people update their version of Minecraft and then bitch because their favorite mods aren't immediately ready.

    If you like playing with certain mods, just don't update. It's that simple! Even simpler now, in fact, that you're given a choice to update, rhater than having it happen automatically as it used to. A smart player backs up his .jar - a smarter player backs up the whole folder on a regular basis.

    There's truly NO sensible reason why someone would update if it makes them unable to play with the mods they want. None at all - not even bug issues (because not being able to play the mod at all is the most game-stopping bug you can get, really).