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    I have a few thoughts, I hope this is the best thread to talk about them.

    Firstly I'll say I am not a chemistry expert, I only did chemistry up to the final year in high school.

    I was looking at the recipe to turn sugar into carbon and water cells in the electrolyzer and this did not make sense to me. A very fun little experiment one of my chem teachers did was to add sulphuric acid to sugar thus oxidising the sugar resulting in carbon.

    I would propose that this would be the new recipe perhaps in the chemical reactor instead as (naming wise) it might make more sense, although you don't really need a machine for this reaction.

    My second comment regards the red rock that is fantastic for many simple (gregtech simple, lol, not ic2 simple) materials such as aluminium, sodium, lithium and silicon. I am curious as to how these materials were decided upon. From what I know about red rock or soil, is that the reddish brown colour contains iron, or more accurately iron oxide. Fe2O3. (on a side note this turns to Fe2O2 a green blue colour when in an anaerobic state such as flooding)

    I am not suggesting that the recipes are changed around this red rock unless Greg you think it suitable. I just always found it curious.

    Well, you can make plates from sugar canes if you have a bit of infrastructure.

    I would just like to comment that while you can make (I assume we are talking about carbon plates here) carbon plates from sugar canes and other assorted items with carbon cells, just remember that cells are one tin a piece with the default gregtech configs. Meaning one carbon plate using carbon cells costs you 18 tin(9 carbon cells per raw carbon fibre). Making it pretty expensive to me. Coal is much easier to find than tin.

    I prefer to just extract the carbon to get the cell back. otherwise I would be suffering a very dire tin shortage, right now, rather than just a tin shortage. Heh, I tend to mine too low, all those diamonds, redstone and lapis are hard to resist.

    the purple pipes are advanced insertion pipes, they put items into open inventories every time rather than randomly splitting the items between the inventory and other pipes.

    Yeah, That is what I was thinking. I used to use the mod that adds them, I just haven't seen the mod in a while. these days I just make a small circuit with an iron pipe (usually a gold pipe as well) to do the same thing.

    what purple piping are you using? It looks like obsidian piping to me, or the old insertion piping from advanced pipes that I haven't seen around for a while.

    This does look real good. I have been struggling with gregtech a bit. How the heck am I going to get a matterfab? so expensive and the iridium is really really rare. Scrap boxes look great, especially with some gregtech items that have a chance to be produced from them.

    Probably not an issue, but double check the wire length. even one block over 39 will stop those watermills from being able to transmit energy to your storage. You can also use tin wire for watermills to save your glass fibre. As I have been using.

    Not sure why people think they are so bad. compared to solar panels 2 unmanned water mills (i.e. one generators worth) produces just about the same energy over a minecraft day. A little less if I remember my calculations, however factor in rain turning your solars off and it is pretty similar. Then looking at the resource costs watermills are a lot cheaper. So if you want to spend the time to set them up they aren't a bad deal. Especially when gregtech sucks up so much coal for other uses.

    lol, I have been playing minecraft all day so far. Java has never played well with me. not sure why minecraft works and the planner doesn't, but that is how it is.

    hi all

    apologies if this reactor has been shown already, I can't really check due to my computer hating the reactor planner (online or standalone) so I cannot check all the lovely designs people have made.

    the original aim of this reactor was to minimise the uranium usage while breeding up depleted cells. Mostly ignoring the time it takes. Although at the current temperatures I am running this it is also pretty quick.

    Anyways, here it is. It runs at between 39200 heat to 45000 heat to give quite the insane speed at recharging. around 15 or so I think. I make use of the positive heat balance to heat it up and then have a couple of thermal monitors set at the above heat levels to turn it off when it gets to 45k and back on at 39200, using a rp2 toggle latch.

    Yes, you could run it at a higher heat level if you put in more heat plating taking out some of the vents, however it would reduce the time the reactor could stay on, so I chose roughly half the heat level to slow down heat up to keep the reactor running longer. (ignore the standard heat vents, I've forgotten to upgrade them to reactor heat vents)

    I was thinking of putting in a 3rd thermal monitor to turn it off when it has finished (i.e when below 35k heat for example, only happening when the cells have been charged) but for some reason it turns off on its own already. (edit: perhaps it doesn't. in the last cycle it didn't turn off)

    edit: ok. items for those not familiar with the sphax textures. two uranium cells. each one surrounded by 4 depleted isotope cells. there are (should be) 13 reactor heat vents for partial cooling. (around half of total). the copper plates on the right are heat-capacity reactor heat plating giving 1700 extra hull capacity each. Total hull capacity is 67000 heat. with 70% of that (poison damage) being 46900 it is set just below that. I am not guessing too much for numbers I haven't been able to use the reactor planner for a long time. I am pretty sure it produces 128 heat per pulse.

    for those that cannot be bothered reading.

    ahhhhahaha, THIS IS AWESOME!

    Just played through the demo, I really really really hope this project manages to continue. Donating now

    The game is almost exactly the essence of why I still play minecraft with mods.


    I don't know how to code, but would like to help.

    Also there is a redpower gate that does the same thing if you want a more compact version of the t-flip flop go for this, cannot remember what it is called sorry.

    heh heh

    been to your cable loss calculator site. useful little complex tool. interesting numbers there. no surprise that the US is top.

    I hope Nzers (yeah Aussies too I guess :P ) are turning up. Not that I have many friends that play minecraft. let alone use mods.

    *zaps cute bunny in front of innocent elf*

    I have been trying to make mixed metal ingots and cannot even find the recipe in NEI. (I know the standard recipe, was wondering if it changed)

    I am guessing there is a setting in the config to turn off the changed recipe?

    Could someone point me in the right direction please?

    Edit: Never mind, I have now found the config option for it.

    hey Greg

    Just really started with this mod, still exploring it, however very impressed so far.

    I was just messing around with the translocator, working out how it works and such and found a few issues(limitations?). It seems that placing items using a translocator into machines is side dependant making even just a recycling to mass fab (original or yours) cumbersome. I found that I needed to add another section (another translocator and chest) so that I could turn the corner to place scrap in the mass fab. see below.

    Simply put, translocators can only transfer in straight lines, and don't place items in the obvious slots. (eg tried putting items into a recycler from the side, and it went in the output slot, ditto with the mass fab)

    Is this intentional based on your ideas on Balance? I can respect that if they are. No problem, I can work with it. Or is it possible to get a few adjustments to make them slightly more user friendly?

    Thanks for the great mod. Am loving the lapotron pack, the lappack just wasn't enough sometimes.


    This entire thread just made me laugh. Seriously though, mods change. Especially mods that have forums with a suggestions page. Also EE has also changed, not to mention EE2 has not been updated since 1.2.5 (as EE3 is now out) making any argument with EE in it irrelevant unless you are referring to EE3, which most definitely is not OP with other mods, especially in its current form.

    On the idea that things change, other mods, and also the absence of them give you ideas in which to change/improve the mod(s) that you use.

    On the subject of Balance........ simplicity in itself, IC2 already has a mechanic that would keep this idea balanced. Upgrades. Then the IC2 team can make the upgrade as expensive (item AND/OR energy cost) or cheap as they want to keep everything balanced.

    I would prefer not to get an addon for something this small, most probably like mcmz4e. Hence a thread in the suggestions for IC2. Doesn't mean I won't get it. Thanks F4113nb34s (cool name by the way), Quite the powerful little tool this, hence me thinking it would make a good upgrade.

    Not sure if it is a bug or just my setup.

    The quantum leggings make you run all the time, pressing ctrl does nothing. Can anyone duplicate this to make sure it isn't just me?

    Also, while the helmet and boots (quantum) are drained of energy, the leggings currently do not drain.

    Am using 1.108.57 of IC2
    a few other mods, most likely not significant for this bug.

    Can't or can?

    it depends on how much storage you want, also if you plan to upgrade.

    To be honest I would use batboxes and copper cabling as I find it isn't exceeding expensive and you can get additional storage without upgrading to MFEs quiet as quickly. I find that a batbox LV system works quite well, until you go into mass production. As it might not have a great voltage, but the requirement for batboxes every 5 blocks gives a good amount of storage, plenty enough for your processing requirements after returning from that long mining trip.

    I then try to upgrade straight to an HV system to save resources. If you want to charge tier 2/3 items no need to upgrade your system just add a MFE then a transform it back to LV somewhere in your E-net. And if you want to use your quantum suit it might be time to upgrade to the HV system.