Suggestion : God Mode for Quantum Suits

  • Quantum Suits are not overpowered enough. I suggest that they

    1. Make the player completely unkillable, at no cost
    2. Give the player unlimited building materials
    3. Allow the player to fly, and to break bedrock
    4. Cause monsters to ignore the player
    5. Allow the player to ban any non quantum-suit wearing players from an SMP server by merely invoking a command...

    Great ideas, right? I expect to see this in the next version of IC2. :thumbup:

  • But it will never protect from the Ban-Hammer!

    ...What? There's no pineapples here.

    GENERATION Pineapple: The first pineapple you see, copy it into your sig on any forum and add sqrt(-1) to the generation. Pineapple experiment.

  • stupid ideas it is already too overpowered i tested i have surrounded me with 64 nuclear bombs with no shelter and i have survived them all even with out a scratch
    my armor was damaged less than 10% for all your suggestions you can just change game mode