No more memory? Corruption :(

  • Hello.
    I just arrived back from a stay at my Nether base, back in the overworld I hit "Save and quit to title" when suddenly the screen was replaced with the "Out of memory" error.
    This seems ridiculous and more importantly my world is now corrupt!

    CPU: Core i7-2760QM
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    GPU: nVidia GT540M 2GB
    Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

    This seems strange as I do have a good 8GB of RAM.

    Also it's not related to IC2 or this thread but do Buildcraft pumps actually remove Nether lava lakes? I have ran one for a good half hour and made 2 UU Matter from the proceeds yet have not seen any lava vanishing from the lake? Not that I'm complaining with 40EU/t of what seems like infinite energy.

  • 1: You never mentioned your java version. It's best to have a 64-bit JRE installed on a 64-bit os.
    2: buildcraft pumps have a quite large radius they can slurp up liquids from so it is in fact doing something, it just may not look like it. The last pump I had in the nether I had to fly around before I found the boundary.

  • You have 8GB of RAM in the machine, but how much is Java actually using? Here's a quick guide on increasing how much RAM java uses in Windows:…re-memory-to-java-windows

    You usually have to increase it if you're using high res texture packs.

  • I have a feeling that you are using 32bit Java. From my experience, 32bit Java suffers from the same RAM limitation that 32bit systems suffer from; that being that they can't "see" more than 2GB of RAM. So, in short, Java is unable to utilize the full 8GB you have. Try installing 64bit Java.