[Suggestion] Machine Specific Upgrades

  • Hello potential customer! Today I present you some frikkin additions to your machines!
    Did you wonder why your Compress-O-Matic C77™ can't compress your Coalballs and Coalchunks anymore? Well, there was a small... accident in our lab which caused a small global change of the laws of physics. But don't fear, using the Heat-O-Tron F-39 in your C77's upgrade slot, you can still make some frikkin industrial diamonds! HI-JOE! There may be some other uses for the F-39, but the guys in the lab are currently trying to contain the accidentally created singularity doing something else than finding out that other uses. Buy a F-39 NOW for just 9.95 :Industrial Credit: and five million credits shipping costs or just craft one... But we HIGHLY recommend you to just buy it. Well, here's the blueprint( :Mining Pipe =nothing):
    :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:
    :Mining Pipe :Induction Furnace: :Mining Pipe
    :Mining Pipe :Electronic Circuit: :Mining Pipe
    Of course, a device that heats an object enough to create diamonds is pretty energy hungry, so the F-39 will increase the energy use and processing time of the C77 extremely slightly. Because of federal regulations, you can use the F-39 only in the C77 and nowhere else. But with this little gadget, you can turn your coal into FRIKKIN DIAMONDS! HI-JOE!

    But of course, that's not all. Your Maceratron-E-901™ still uses flint and cobbles to crush your ores? Stop wasting time cause of that! Use the E-400 Diamond Crusher to decrease the maceration time and to increase the number of macerateable materials and the length of your electricity bills! HI-JOE! Buy it now for just 29.95 :Industrial Credit: and the shipping costs of five million credits and get a free cubic meter of copper ore! Or just craft it using the following blueprint:
    :Mining Pipe :Electronic Circuit: :Mining Pipe
    :Industrial Diamond: :Mining Drill: :Industrial Diamond:
    :Mining Pipe :Mining Pipe :Mining Pipe
    WIth it in your E-901, you can even macerate... err... very hard materials like... err... cobblestone! HI-JOE! Joe, don't tell them they are able to crush cobblestone without the E-400! Of course, you can place the E-400 only in the E-901 and absolutely nowhere else. Don't even try to place it somewhere else. It won't work.

    But how to get all the needed diamonds you ask? Get them out of scrap! And no, the chance to get scrap is not too low, at least not if you use the R-30 Waste Grinding Device! It slightly greatly increases the chance to get scrap out of materials! Of course, the process requires additional time and energy... But you get MORE FRIKKIN SCRAP! HI-JOE! And it just costs as much as the F-39! Or you could use the blueprint, if you really want to do it the boring way( :Resin: =dirt, :Gold Dust: =glowstone dust):
    :Mining Pipe :Gold Dust: :Mining Pipe
    :Resin: :Macerator: :Resin:
    :Refined Iron: :Resin: :Refined Iron:
    Of course, you can only use it in the R-44 Recycler and nowhere else.

    We are proud to be able to present the frikkin T64-S Solar Panel Enhancement Unit today. Using ultra-sensitive solar panels and hightech energy storage technologies, we were able to construct an upgrade module which grants a permanent flow of ONE FRIKKIN EU/t when attached to a T64 Solar Panel RE Battery Generator™! It collects extra EU during sunny days and saves them for nights and rain showers. Of course, such technologies react extremely sensitive to dust and similiar stuff, so you have to clean them regularly, otherwise they fully stop the generation of energy by the solar panel they are attached to. Buy one for just 19.95 :Industrial Credit: and the shipping costs of only 4 999 999.99 credits or craft it using the following blueprint( :Lava Cell: =T500-Rechargeable Energy Storation Unit™):
    :Rubber: :Rubber:
    :Rubber: :Coal Dust: :Rubber:
    :Lava Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Lava Cell:
    To clean it, just craft a dirty T64-S with a bucket or cell of water and it's clean again! HI-JOE! You can only attach it to the T64 and nowhere else.

    If you buy all of these shiny little devices and pay ten million credits service fee, shipping costs are FREE!

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: Because of the mentioned lab accident, it could be impossible to craft and/or use the presented devices in the manner shown above.
    PPS: These devices are just examples of what could be done with the basic principle I wanted to suggest:an upgrade module which can only be used in one machine, for example the upgrade for the macerator can not be used in the compressor, but the upgrade for the compressor can only be used in the compressor and nowhere else. That is what I mean with "Machine Specific Upgrades".
    PPPS: If you have more ideas for machine specific upgrades, feel free to suggest them in this thread.
    PPPPS: Yes, I use "HI-JOE!" instead of "HAYO!". I don't want to wear it out. (Did I use that correctly?)
    PPPPPS: Does anyone have a copy of the old IC1 Minecraftforum Opening Post? If yes, could that person send it to me? Thanks in advance.

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    Perfect presentation, machinespecific Upgrades are a good Idea and i hope it will be implemented somewhen.


    Yes, I use "HI-JOE!" instead of "HAYO!". I don't want to "steal" it from Alblaka.

    HAYO is property of Disney (like all the Emotions, Fairytales and that stuff)

  • lol.
    It seems (for me) to be an interesting idea.
    But with the enthusiasm of the members on this forum ...
    Maybe we could make specific upgrader for only ONE item in a machine:
    Interest ? You could have (for example a macerator wich can only macerate coal) coal dust speeder and for less EU, but it won't macerate anything else that coal.
    That could increase the number of exchange on server, because of the extremly special type of this needs.
    (I mean that people who use a macerator wich macerate only one things are specialized in the craft of, for example, solar pannels, what could be useful in order to create real economy on server)

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • -1 for wall-o-text i had difficulty sifting through this to find the actual suggestions
    solars are the way they are for balance reasons and are not likely to change in any way that makes them more powerful if you need power go nuclear

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

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    -1 for wall-o-text i had difficulty sifting through this to find the actual suggestions
    solars are the way they are for balance reasons and are not likely to change in any way that makes them more powerful if you need power go nuclear

    The big Wall-O-Text is only for the examples and is awesome (+1 from me), and Solar was ONLY an example for machinespecific Upgrades.

  • +1

    not gonna explain, main post explains it all. machine specific upgrades. love it.

    maybe useble as an replacement to the overclockers... just an tought.

    +100 for presentation, again. an user who puts time in his suggestions. i like it.

    right, time to get serious...
    i wil be offline for weeks and possibly months at an time. if you have anything to add to an post i made, and would like me to know. you are welcome to pm me, and i wil reply as soon as i am able to do so.