• What is exactly the range's ray in blocks of the full nuclear reactor's explosion? And the one of previous versions (1-5 reaction chambers)?

  • I tried a 6-chamber nuclear reactor full of uranium and the furthest point where it destroyed dirt was 64-66 blocks away from the middle of the explosion.

  • Try nuke on some ridicolously high value (via config) :3

    Still waiting 1.2.5 compatible release saturated of your sweat ^^
    Then i'll go IC2 university and go destroy some maps ^^
    There is a way to bypass the forge version check? maybe 1.90 works in 1.2.5 but stop cause 3.x.x forge (BC needed)
    I'm now working on blocks id of the sea of mod I installed to make a sort of order. At startup i can see i have more than 25 block id free but they are random distributed cause when I installed new mods and got id conflicts I had set random ids since I found one free.
    I know... it is a bad solution.
    Now i'm trying to setup all mods with sequential id, but some config are really good hidden with no doc about ids (like Flan base mod, I never found workbenches id config file).
    IC2 have almost all id conflicting with Powercraft so i have to change it to make mods working togheter. I use PC as a substitute of RP (logic blocks) and for killer laser block (I love it in combination with mob detector block).
    I accept advices for alternatives that are not Turret mod (add more boring mobs) or TF2 Turret (needs too maintenance) to take damn creepers away my base (ok ok fences are useful but for a large or in expansion base are not the best (I hate open/close gates everytime i move too).