[suggestion] use of cauldrons, glass bottles, and other liquids with watermills

  • Cauldron: killed
    Other Liquids: killed
    Glassbottles: with another Texturepack it looks Industrial enough for me.

    Cauldron: is not dead yet all i got out of any body is that the cauldron is currently useless and that some how makes it so you can't make it useful which i don't get at all
    Other Liquids: hence why its crossed out
    Glassbottles: any one else for glass/ceramic buckets?

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

  • or not but seriously Its not that hard to grasp Fenrix. You place your cauldron next to your watermill. Then you right click on the cauldron to fill it, and if there is space in the watermill's internal buffer the watermill will drain the cauldron.

    You could use rain water as well, if ic2 updates to the snapshot- a looong way away lol. it would be amazing. and it wouldnt be op, because they fill up so slow.

  • I rlly agree with the BC water pipes going into the water mill just like the lava going into the geothermal pipes. It rlly makes life easier :3

    ##edit its geothermal generator -_-

  • It rlly makes life easier :3

    That's the point. It would be OP. I agree with an enhanced cauldron to accept rainfall as source of water for Watermill (Yes, I never suggested it because I was too shy ^^). But it would need to be a very littlepower, and nonworking with something else than Tank for rainfall near the Watermill.
    It would be something like max 1EU/t (on Storm, but 0.7 with simple Rainfall), but easier to set up than the actuals one (and working only when raining).

    It would probably be denied because WM aren't for automated EU Generation.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D