[64x] Soartex Fanver

  • Soartex Fanver now includes nearly complete IC2 textures! Extreme amounts of effort have been put into this project by N0ugat, Neoboy and many other people.

    We currently only ship one pack with mods installed, called "Soartex Modded." This means your download will also have ~30 other mods installed alongside IC2. Those textures for the other mods will work automatically with other mods you have installed.

    Download Soartex Modded (1.95b Compatible)



    Blocks- Warbaque, Neoboy11, Dreamreaver23, n0ugat
    Crops- Shoeboxama
    GUIs- n0ugat
    Items- Floppy_Gunk, Darx, RedX36

    Power Converters, Nuclear Control, Advanced Machines- Neoboy
    More Rockets- Redled (with permission)
    BCIC2 Cross- n0ugat
    Advanced Machines- Krackit
    Compact Solar Arrays- Neoboy

    Feel free to request other IC2 Addons and let me know about any problems you experience. Enjoy!

  • This pack needs a severe update :S

    "A modern tank can speed at 60 mph while shooting a target with pinpoint accuracy from 5 miles away." Civ-5

  • The crops_0.png has been completed, items are now actually included and the block_0.png has been completed! There are also quite a few remade textures mixed in.

    Compatible with 1.95b.

  • Thanks to Neoboy, this newest update to Fanver includes GUIs for the Advanced Machines mod and a number of small improvements to core IC2 blocks. Nuclear Control and Advanced Machines have been remade as well. Let me know what you think!

  • Yeahr, nice to see this post here!
    And thanks of course for beeing a part of the credits :D

    But Shoe! I already said that it is a minor "n" ^^

    Very nice to see the progress, unfortunately I nearly stopped playing MC completely...

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    Advanced Machines Original GUI please!

    And advanced machines by atomic striker too.

    A small report : Copper and Bronze ingot/dust are switched. (bronze item sprite is darker than copper, and bronze item sprite is brighter than copper in IC² sprite)

  • Whoops, took me a while to check back up on this thread.

    Controlpanel: I have the GUIs for both Atomic's and Snyke's version of Advanced Machines located in /IC/sprites along with all of the other IC2 files. The reason I have both disabled is because they use the same texture name.


    SpwnX: I cross-posted to the soartex forum's IC2 thread. I'll have it fixed soon! Thanks!

    EDIT: http://db.tt/gXUJU9q4