How can I tell if I have the hotfixed version?

  • I noticed on the blog that a newer version of 1.95 was released, but was the filename or filesize changed? How can I tell if the one I have is the hotfixed version or the original 1.95 release?

    Also, did that hotfix mentioned on the blog fix the embedded cable-in-cf-blocks problem, or should I be waiting for a second hotfix?

  • both having the same Name and size so which is the right one?

    Edit: Hey the "public releases"-thread has still the wrong one!

    yeah.. if one is going to announce a hotfix then make sure it's there.

    edit: anyway, saw elsewhere that the wiki has the correct download link.

  • I can confirm the copies listed in the public releases thread are not the correct version. The thread is labelled 1.95b but the downloads aren't, and they do not fix the problem with embedded cables.

    The ones on the wiki however seem to be updated. Tested with that one and errors i've been running into are fixed.

    Good thing I made a backup before I upgraded from 1.2.3! The glitch with the cf-cable block caused the entire chunk to reset. I had a whole power plant installed, and it got gutted!

  • The first files I downloaded were named industrialCraft-2-client.jar the new ones I just downloaded were called industrialCraft-2-client_1.95.jar Are those not the 1.95b versions? Hmm, maybe not. Grabed the 1.95b ones from the wiki. Thanks for the heads up!

  • If you take the file URLs from the public release thread and add the letter "b" at the appropriate point, you get a legitimate file download which is not the same as the file the release post actually links to (without the "b"). I assume therefore that the links point at 1.95 and that the hotfixed version is with the "b".