Suggestion: solar panel with redstone output

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    the standard solar panel but with redstone output when the sun is up and the panel starts to make power.

    i realy would like if the solar panel could output redstone current.. so you could make a system to tell you when the sun is out by using redstone, or make a circuit to switch to solar power when the sun is up and back to another power source when the sun sets.

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    "Solarpanel" and "Detectorcable"

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  • what is so hard about using the search function
    please, I'd like to know
    and for future reference, every forum is equipped with one

    and as the above poster said, use the detector cable

  • Problem with using Solar sensor from RedPower ?
    And as already suggested ... Solar pannel + detector cable is too a good way.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D