[Question] How should I connect my solar farm to my factory?

  • I have a small scale solar farm powering my initial base. I have now built a nearby factory (Within 30 blocks), and I want to connect the solar panels to it. How should I do this? Should I extend the tin cables, or place down an MFE and then connect it to glass fiber? Please note that the new factory only has a batbox.

  • You should use batboxes and HV cable.

    Nope, just MFE/MFSU and glass fiber if you're going to expand it, otgerwise batboxes and copper cable will do.

  • I'd use tin cables to your base, to some sort of storage, then out from there. Though depending on how your solars are arranged in terms of distance to your base and if it ends up being over 40 blocks.

  • I'd run the tin cables from your solar panels as far as they will go (no solar panel should be further away than 39 tin cables) and then either:
    Put it into a redstone powered MV transformer with the 3 dot face (HV out) facing a Glass Fibre cable and the tin cable running into a 1 dot face.
    Put it into a redstone powered HV transformer with the 3 dot face (EV out) running into a 4x Ins HV Cable and the tin cable running into a 1 dot face.
    Finally the HV cable (carrying EV) or the Glass Fibre woulkd run to the factory where it would be converted into whatever voltage the machines work at.
    My designs:
    SOLARS ---(Tin Cable, no longer than 39 blocks)-> MV Transformer --(Glass Fibre)--> MFSU Bank 1 & 2 (linked in parallel giving 1024EU/t out in 512EU packets) --(Glass Fibre)--> Transformers (into MV) --> Machines.

  • hehe, batboxes and hv cable. I can go one better, directly upgrade voltage from the tin cable to HV with HV cable.


    it all depends on how large your solar array is, and how much you might want to get in the future. I tend to go with batboxes and insulated copper cable. the cost of a batbox isn't much, so it is fine laying one every 5 blocks (4 cable 1 batbox)

    Later on when you want to upgrade, if you need more than 32EU/t. now you have the resources to switch to glass fibre and MFEs. I am sure the leftover batboxes and copper cable will have a use somewhere else.

    Oh, and if you start needing a MFE to charge a lappack, but your factory doesn't need more than 32 EU/t yet, no need to upgrade the entire system, just add a MFE at your factory, and add a LV transformer to change it back down to 32EU/t. This is a good way to store heaps of energy as well.

    Hell, prove me wrong, Happy to be so 99% of the time, then I can learn stuff :)