[Suggestion] Emergency lighting

  • since we have both nuclear power and nukes isn't it sorta a must to have emergency lighting to have along the floor in case catastrophe strikes or the power just goes out?
    just small red lamps that you can place on either side of the path that lights a bit up when it receives power

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    There is an Addon called "Nuclear Control" by Shedar, he also made an awesome Siren. And Redpower has enough Lighting.

    Sorry but your Suggestion is it not worth, to make a Facepalm. (see it as compliment 8o)

  • I made a similar system for one of my outposts, all you need is redpower lighting. Just use the red lights from that mod, they're pretty good

    pretty easy to set up too. I have a system where if the mfsu runs out of power it emits a redstone signal which in turn turns off all normal lights and turns on all red lights